Birth and founding


Creation and founding of the college

The University College in Al-Ardah was established by Royal Decree No. (2/18) on 12/29/1431 AH to be among the promising colleges at Jazan University in line with the royal visions and aspirations to raise the level of education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to meet the various needs of society and in support of the national development process The comprehensive college witnessed by the Kingdom, and the college includes five departments and grants these departments a bachelor’s degree. During the academic year 1432-1433 AH, two departments were opened: Physics and English Language (Translation), and in the academic year 1434-1435 AH, the Department of Physiotherapy was opened.

The college looks forward to completing the five departments that make up the college, which are:

  • physics department

  • English Department (Translation)

  • Department of Physical Therapy

  • Department of Chemistry under construction

  • Computer department under construction

  • our vision

To be one of the leading colleges locally and regionally in the academic and research fields and community service in the basic, applied and human sciences.

Our message

Qualifying distinguished cadres to meet the needs of the labor market, through the improvement of the academic and administrative work system, in a way that supports scientific research, innovation, entrepreneurship and community service within the framework of national values.

 Our goals

  • Completing the opening of the rest of the college departments and developing the organizational structure
     Improving the college’s quality organization and seeking academic accreditation for academic programs
    Develop and improve the skills of students
    Developing and improving the skills of faculty members
    scientific research development
    Strengthening community partnership

rate us

  •  Effective leadership at all levels
  • Quality and excellence including commitment, critical research, professionalism, interdisciplinary studies and innovation
  • Affiliation with the organization
  • respect and justice
  • Honest citizenship and community service