About the department

The Department of Physical Therapy is one of the departments of the College of Science and Arts in Al-Arda, and admission was opened this year 1435 AH / 2014AD so that trained female graduates in the field of physical therapy can be prepared to meet the needs of the Kingdom, and to fill the shortage in the field of health care, and we seek the Department of Physical Therapy to upgrade the scientific level of all curricula Academic, clinical, and research as well as quality standards and academic accreditation in the specialty of physical therapy and medical rehabilitation, keeping in mind the vision, mission and goals of the university …

1. To graduate outstanding students with leadership qualities and capabilities.
2. To encourage innovative teaching and learning method through recent advances in technology.
3. To perform latest evidence-based research that has an impact locally, nationally & internationally on the health and wellbeing of the community.
4. To improve physical therapy capacities in underprivileged areas in order to meet with the needs of the Kingdom.
5. To develop professionalism, clinical skills, and unique abilities in

“Providing a distinctive educational program for physical therapy that helps to develop the scientific and moral sides of the students and gives them the ability to compete locally, regionally and globally and serve the society, also catalyzes international recognized research activities in this area to provide students and graduates with diagnosis, treatment and decision-making skills.”

The Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Science and Arts, at Al-Arda, shall be one of the leading departments among the universities of the Kingdom in teaching and conducting scientific research in the field of physical therapy and its applications.

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