Sidr Physics Department                                                                                                                                                                                                             

t is no secret to everyone the importance of physics in the advancement of different sciences. Indeed, what was said was “physics or science”. So publishing this science is a great message that we are doing in the Department of Physics at the University College in Al-Ardah Governorate and we place in your hands on this page the requirements for granting a bachelor’s degree in the department and the various achievements, activities and activities that it has witnessed. And the college administration made an effort to achieve this.

College Vision

The physics program at Jazan University aspires to achieve excellence in physics education, scientific research, and community service to become a leading physics program locally and internationally.

1. Providing students with solid scientific foundations in various fields of physics and skills to solve the related problems  
2. Training students with an appropriate depth in physics to be able to understand, research, analyze and design solutions to various scientific problems
3. Instilling ethical and professional behavior in students, developing communication skills, teamwork, multidisciplinary approach and skills                                                              4. Lifelong learning and linking the principles of physics to the societal context
5. Creating an academic environment with basic normative capabilities with awareness of excellence and leadership required for both significant research output as well as successful professional careers that serve community development

College tasks

The Department of Physics seeks to provide distinguished educational services in accordance with international standards. It also seeks to keep pace with modern scientific developments, and to constantly review the strengths of the department. The department strives to provide an educational environment that encourages female students to reach their maximum potential by emphasizing quality in teaching, the efficiency of human resources, and the dissemination of a culture of scientific research adhering to the ethics of scientific research.

1- Providing distinguished and high-quality education and training for students of Bachelor of Physics
2. Establishing a sustainable structure for high-impact scientific research in various fields of physics
3. Providing distinguished community service to contribute to the development and development of society

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