A Word of the Department Head

Dear valued

Faculty members,

Students and

All our partners in implementing and developing the programs of the Epidemiology Department at the College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine


At the beginning of this semester, I would like to thank you all for your efforts to make the educational process a success, and your great concern that all work be performed with high accuracy and professionalism in the direction of our clear vision to be the most distinguished bachelor degree program on the national level in the field of Epidemiology. I'm confident enough that we are able to achieve this distinction with the help of God Almighty and with what we have available of our mature study plan, quality educational practices, and the distinguished elite of faculty members and students who are keen to gain knowledge and acquire skills.. not to forget our partners in health affairs department in the Jazan region who provide us with great opportunities for field training in disease prevention centers, vector control stations, hospitals and health centers.

Dear all

We are going through these volatile circumstances with regard to the Corona epidemic and what society needs in terms of awareness, guidance and protection.

By virtue of specialization and a sense of responsibility, We declare this new year 2022, the year of excellence in community service, and on this occasion I invite my students and all colleagues to unleash their creativity and mastery in this noble competitive field.

God bless you all.



Dr. Khalid Ghailan

Head of Epidemiology Department

CPHTM, Jazan University