Vision, Mission and Goals

Department Vision

Empowering the civil engineering field by highly qualified graduates who serve the community, maintain sustainability, and acclimate to the challenges of rapidly developing urban mega-projects of the kingdom 2030 vision.

Department Mission

The Civil Engineering program aims to prepare a generation of highly-qualified civil engineers to withstand the nation's hopes and needs. Multi-disciplinary specialties of construction should be covered through well-designed educational and research programs.

Department Goals

Preparing advanced study programs that qualify the graduate of the department to plan, design, and implement various engineering projects and maintain the infrastructure of the community.

Providing students with knowledge and access to all that is new through the library, computer, and modern technology.

Continuity in the development of academic programs to keep pace with scientific progress around the world in building materials and methods and methods of design and construction.

Cooperating with other departments of the College of Engineering and its counterparts outside the university to work on solving strategic problems facing society that require diverse expertise and sound decision.

Providing engineering consultancy and technical expertise to solve problems facing the design and implementation of facilities in the community and its engineering sectors.

Participation in the modernization and development of engineering technologies to advance urban progress in the Kingdom to be among the major countries.

Opening the door for postgraduate studies for distinguished graduates and preparing research programs to serve and preserve the environment.