Student Advisory board

Students Advisory Board

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1. Student Advisory board:

The Student Advisory Board is a group of civil engineering students who are nominated and elected to represent students in a genuine and approved manner. The board's mission is to help students develop their leadership skills and contribute to decision-making, which will benefit both the academic process and the department's many services. Furthermore, the student advisory board's contributions help the department achieve its vision and instructional goals (PEOs).

1.1. The Board’s Objectives:

  • Participate in the enhancement and growth of the educational process as well as student services.

  • Students' ability to offer a balanced and responsible opinion while adhering to the principles of transparency, constructive criticism, and openness.

  • Educating students about the department's, college's, university's, and Kingdom's goals, vision, and objectives, as well as contributing to their achievement and development.

  • Developing awareness that makes the student an aware and effective citizen who exercises his social and service role with awareness and responsibility.
  • Providing students with the basic ingredients that will strengthen their personality, develop the spirit of teamwork, support the scientific method of thinking, and develop the spirit of dialogue and communication skills.
  • Follow up on students’ issues, educate them, preserve their achievements, and work with the department’s administration to solve their problems.
  • Work to raise the level of student activity (classroom/extracurricular) in various scientific, cultural, social, and sports fields that contribute to achieving the vision, mission, and educational goals of the department and college.
  • Consolidate the values ​​of volunteering.
  • Contribute to providing student advising, support, and guidance.


1.2. CE Department Students Advisory board Members: 


Mishaal Akure 
Mustafa Ajour 
Ahmed Tubaïgy 
Sultan Ati 
Abdul Rahman Taha 
Mohamed Fakih 
Mishaal Al-Maliki 
Moaz Baaïti 
Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi 
Ahmed kahl