About Architectural Engineering


Bachelor of Science Program in Architectural Engineering

The Bachelor’s Program in the Department of Architectural Engineering at the College of Engineering at Jazan University began in the academic year 1431/1432 AH, and the study program plan with the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from the Academy and Technology focuses on providing the student with the knowledge aspect of engineering engineering in architecture, in addition to developing technical skills within the framework of keeping pace with architecture. and technology, which qualifies the graduate to pursue postgraduate studies in various fields.


Vision Program

The vision of the program lies in preparing a graduate who is scientifically and technically qualified and able to compete in the labor market through acquiring skills that enable him to communicate scientifically and professionally, keep pace with the continuous scientific and technological development, and continue scientific research in the field of architecture, whose program is compatible with the education systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Program mission

In view of the development in the fields of design, construction and construction, keeping pace with scientific development and operation, through the preparation of scientific cadres qualified, engineering and technical, to meet the needs of the labor market in which the ability to compete locally and internationally.

Department Goals

The vision and mission of the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering program are achieved by achieving the following objectives: Make graduates able to acquire the basics of architecture and design and practice the profession. Make graduates able to explore advanced disciplines related to architecture for career choice and the ability to participate in multidisciplinary work teams. To make graduates able to develop their communication skills (written and oral) and familiar with modern architecture.

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