An educational program for breast cancer awareness under the slogan “Awareness today is my life tomorrow” at Samtah Applied College and Samtah University College (formerly)

29 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1444

In conjunction with the International Breast Cancer Month, the Samtah Applied College, in cooperation with the University Hospital of Jazan University and the Deanship of Human Resources, organized an educational program to raise awareness of breast cancer under the slogan “Awareness today is my life tomorrow.” The program included awareness pillars and a valuable educational lecture given by the family medicine specialist at Jazan University Hospital / Afnan Madkhali, in which she talked about a number of important themes, including the importance of early breast cancer screening, the role of early detection, continuous follow-up, psychological support for the injured, and recovery from the disease. The specialist also stressed the importance of psychological support for the patient from his surroundings and society, and this has a great impact during the treatment stages. At the end of the meeting, the opportunity was given to receive inquiries and discussions from the attendees, who in turn expressed their benefit from the meeting.