"Your food in Ramadan" in the Applied College in Samtah

01 Ramadan 1444

In the interest of the Applied College in Samtah to actively participate in community service activities, the students of the Department of Home Economics organized an awareness corner about healthy food in Ramadan, as part of the educational health program "Your Health in Ramadan", which was implemented by Samtah Hospital in Martyrs' Square Park in Samtah Governorate. The aim of the corner is to educate the various segments of society about the harmful effects of bad eating habits on the health of the body in Ramadan, such as eating large amounts during Iftar, excessive sugars, and lack of physical activity, which leads to health problems such as high blood sugar levels and weight gain. After that, the importance of following healthy habits and the importance of eating a healthy breakfast was clarified, and models of healthy meals that are beneficial to the body were presented. Emphasis was also placed on the importance of maintaining the percentage of body fluids during fasting and protecting the body from dehydration. This can be achieved by consuming an appropriate amount of water during the period between breakfast and suhoor, avoiding excessive drinking of water after the suhoor meal, and eating foods rich in fluids. Visitors to the corner were provided with a variety of nutritional programs to maintain a healthy body during the blessed month.