Vision and Mission and Goals


Physics program at Jazan University aspires to achieve excellence in physics education, scientific research and community service to become a leading Physics Program locally and globally.


Physics Program provides high quality education, research and innovation in the field of physics to contribute to the development of a dynamic society.


1.Provide distinct and high quality education and training for Bachelor of Physics.
2.Establish and maintain high-impact research infrastructure and environment in physics and related fields.
3.Provide outstanding community services that contributes to the development of society.


1.To provide students with a solid scientific foundation in various fields of Physics and their related problem solving skills.
2. To train students with adequate physics breadth as to comprehend, research, analyze, design solutions for various scientific problems.
3. To inculcate in student's professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, teamwork skills, multidisciplinary approach, life-long learning skills and an ability to relate Physics principles to social context.
4. To provide standard facilities and academic environment with awareness of excellence, leadership, needed for both significant research production and successful professional careers that serve the community with significant development.