Department of Physics was founded with the establishment of Samtah University College in 1429H (2009) as one of the five departments of the College (Physics, Chemistry, Home economics, Kindergarten, English) with the objective to provide high quality physics education to produce competent graduates with sound abilities and understanding of physics. It promotes physics research and creative activities to meet the national and international standards. It engages with the community services and contributes a greater understanding of the role of physics in science, technology and everyday life. The Department of Physics at Jazan University teaches physics courses and gives its graduates Bachelor of Science degree in physics after the student passes the 130 study units successfully. It has currently more than 250 students, and annually accepts around 100 new students. The Department has over 12 faculty members in different disciplines of physics. Physics is the science that studies everything related to material, its movement and energy; it tries to understand natural phenomena and the forces affecting the functioning of material and formulates knowledge of the laws that do not only explain the processes above, but also the prediction of the natural processes with models that slowly and gradually approach reality. Physics provides also the art of measurement methods for use in all the vital and natural sciences like Chemistry, Medicine, Engineering, Biology and other sciences. The progress of civilization is due to the impressive progress of the science of physics. 

College Vision


The physics program at Jazan University aspires to achieve excellence in physics education, scientific research, and community service to become a leading physics program locally and globally.

Physics Program provides high quality education, research and innovation in the field of physics to contribute to the development of a dynamic society.

College tasks

1.To provide students with a solid scientific foundation in various fields of Physics and their related problem solving skills.
2. To train students with adequate physics breadth as to comprehend, research, analyze, design solutions for various scientific problems.
3. To inculcate in student's professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, teamwork skills, multidisciplinary approach, life-long learning skills and an ability to relate Physics principles to social context.
4. To provide standard facilities and academic environment with awareness of excellence, leadership, needed for both significant research production and successful professional careers that serve the community with significant development.