The Department of Information Technology and Security aims to graduate specialists who are proficient in computer and programming in the field of administrative, accounting and commercial sciences, analysis and design of systems, databases, management of program development and management of information centers, and the specialization integrates the solutions provided by information technology and administrative processes for the implementation of projects and the specialists in this field focus on the information provided by Computer system to assist programs, projects and administrative processes in defining the organization’s objectives for the application and development of information technology and its use in administrative work More

The department aims to emulate the developments taking place at the national, regional and international levels while providing academic excellence, education and research based on quality to serve business, institutions and the community.


  1. Creating a scientific and research field for researchers and those interested in this science.
  2. Establishing informatics infrastructures and digital systems in society.
  3. Create information rules and systems that allow quick and easy access for the user.
  4. Development of self-service and remote service systems by introducing the Internet to enterprises and linking them to society.
  5. Electronic archiving of state institutions and public institutions.
  6. Developing the community’s connection with the outside world through the global network.
  7. Connecting parts of organizations and institutions with each other through computer networks.

Electronic Services

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