Human health depends on nutrition, healthy food and the integrated nutrients it contains that meet the daily needs of the human body, which provides them with energy and necessary nutrients for the growth, survival and prevention or recovery from diseases. From here comes the role of the Department of Clinical Nutrition and its impact in the field of health care services by encouraging healthy choices and behavior.  Therapeutic nutrition plays an important role in treating critical illness cases and patients suffering from stomach diseases, malnutrition, food allergies, obesity and others.More


Improve the nutritional status of individual andsociety by qualified clinical dietitians who are able to provide optimal nutrition care.

*Achieve academic excellence and prepare graduates to become regional and national leaders in clinical nutrition field.
*Increase the awareness towards food safety, nutritional disorders and diseases resulting from bad food habits.
*Produce internationally recognized research and new knowledge that meet the needs of Jazan province, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world.

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