Administrative Affairs units

1- Contractual Affairs Unit 

The Contractual Affairs Unit is responsible for the following: 

  1. Supervising the reception process of contractual faculty members after their arrival in the Kingdom and ensuring that the required document processing has been completed, and then refer to the Personnel Department to complete the necessary paperwork.
  2. Work to complete the procedures for creation of new residence permits and allowances, cancelling residency permits for faculty members and their (new) families, renewing residency permits for faculty members, their families and those accompanying them, and following up on their renewal dates.
  3. Supervising and following up the procedures for transferring sponsorship for members who are nominated for work and who are unable to do the necessary procedure from their own countries.
  4. Extending visas of contractual faculty members and their families residing outside the Kingdom.
  5. Issuing exit and re-entry visas, final exit and visit visas for faculty members, their families and their companions.
  6. Completing the procedures for travel allowances and tickets for faculty members and their families according to the regulations.
  7. Coordination and completion of the procedures for granting travel tickets to faculty members and their contracted spouses before the start of the summer vacation.

2- Contracts, Procurement and Warehouse Unit

The Contracts, Procurement and Warehouse Unit is responsible for the following: 

  1. Carrying out all executive tasks related to direct procurement, tendering and signing contracts in accordance with the approved system and procedures, in coordination with the Planning and Project Management Office.
  2. Determine and provide the college’s needs of the necessary materials, equipment, stationery and office furniture.
  3. Dispensing requests from different departments and sections of the items stored in warehouses in accordance with the approved exchange orders in accordance with the statutory rules.

 3- Facilities and equipment unit

The Facilities and Equipment Unit is responsible for the following: 

  1. Provide complete lists of equipment used in the programs that are owned or managed by the college, including the equipment and apparatus in the custody of each faculty member for the purpose of teaching and scientific research.
  2. Consulting the academic departments and the teaching staff before purchasing the basic equipment for teaching, laboratories and research to ensure that they are suitable for the teaching and learning needs of the program.
  3. Establishing plans and schedules for regular purchases, maintenance and replacements according to specific schedules.
  4. Pay attention to the feedback from users about the adequacy and quality of facilities and equipment, in addition to specific mechanisms for dealing with and responding to these opinions.
  5. Provide students with suitable facilities for individual study, in a manner that allows for privacy.
  6. Providing adequate facilities to allow students to have private discussions with the faculty.
  7. Provide appropriate facilities for students, faculty, and staff with physical disabilities or other special needs.
  8. Creating procedures to regulate the joint use of underused facilities, while providing appropriate mechanisms to protect the equipment.

4- Human Resources Development Unit 

The Human Resources Development Unit is responsible for: 

  1. Preparing and implementing scientific and training programs aimed at developing the skills and performance of the administrative staff in the college through modern policies in administrative and career development and organization, and working to achieve a high-quality working environment.

5- Public Relations and Media Office and Website 

The Office of Public Relations, Media and the Website is responsible for the following:

  1. Harnessing modern technologies to update and develop the college website.
  2. Participate in preparing workshops and scientific and training meetings in the college.
  3. Preparing publications, brochures and introductory brochures for the various events and activities of the college.
  4. Producing documentary and educational films related to the college’s activities.
  5. Follow-up events according to the schedule.
  6. Organizing reservations and coordinating halls.
  7. Coordination between the college and other departments at the University

Technical Affairs Units 

1- Information Technology Unit 

The IT Unit is responsible for the following: 

  1. Providing suitable computer hardware and software, which are sufficiently available to the program's faculty, staff and students.
  2. Managing computer hardware, software and support services in a manner that ensures optimal, effective and safe use.
  3. Disseminating institutional policies that regulate students' use of personal computers.
  4. Providing the necessary technical support to the faculty, staff, and students who use computer hardware and software.
  5. Providing opportunities for faculty to provide their opinions regarding plans to purchase, maintain, and replace computer hardware and software that are used in the program.
  6. Implement effective security systems to protect the privacy of personal and University information, and to protect against viruses that come from outside.
  7. Emphasis on adherence to the rules of conduct related to the inappropriate use of materials on the World Wide Web (the Internet), and to deal in a suitable manner where misuse is proven.
  8. Providing training courses for faculty and staff to ensure the effective use of appropriate computer hardware and software in the field of teaching, student evaluation, and administrative affairs.

2- Operation and Maintenance Unit

The Maintenance and Operation Unit is responsible for the following: 

  1. Establishing plans and schedules for regular maintenance of facilities and equipment according to specific schedules.

3- Security and Safety Unit

The Security and Safety Unit is responsible for: 

  1. Providing highly efficient systems to ensure the personal safety of the faculty, staff and students, with appropriate arrangements in place to protect their personal property.