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The establishment of the College of Medicine in Jazan, which was previously called (College of Medicine and Medical Sciences) was approved based on the recommendation that came in the meeting minutes of the expert body in the Ministry’s Council and with the participation of the Ministries of Higher Education, Finance and National Economy No. 117 in 4/17/1421 AH, and the Cabinet reviewed the minutes of the meeting. The Royal Approval No. 7 / B / 15252 was issued on 11/18/1421 AH, and then the Minister of Higher Education Resolution No. 26/21/24795 dated 12/18/1421 AH was issued to establish the College of Medicine in Jazan as a branch To King Abdulaziz University. With the decision to establish Jazan University in the year 1426 AH (2006), the College of Medicine in Jazan separated from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah to join Jazan University. The decision to establish the College of Medicine came within the framework of the region’s interest in the health sector and support for its institutions to keep pace with the remarkable development in the Kingdom, and to meet the steady increase in the Kingdom’s population, which requires education, training, and qualification of national medical personnel capable of meeting health care requirements.