About the Deanship

Universities are one of the most important educational institutions concerned with the preparation and training of graduates, to make them eligible for the job market and for the development of society in general. The Deanship of Graduate Studies is at the forefront in improving the level of scientific research in any University and is a driving force towards reaching its desired goals. It plays the main role in the field of scientific research and encourages competencies to keep pace with the rapid progress of science and technology around the world, to lead them towards creativity and innovation and address the issues of society, in order to achieve the most important objectives of the Deanship. It is a continuous effort to increase scientific knowledge and development at the highest level and the preparation of graduates specialized in various scientific disciplines.

Deanship Vision

Graduate programs leading in innovation and quality according to internationally recognized standards and in line with the steady growth of the various fields of knowledge in order to cater to the needs of Saudi society and the labor market. The achievement of teaching and learning and scientific research featured in the context of a supportive and conducive atmosphere.

Deanship Tasks

1- Raising the number of postgraduate studies programs at the University with a focus on choosing the majors and programs needed by the labor market.
2- Motivating and attracting distinguished students to enroll in graduate studies programs.
3- Modernizing teaching and researching endeavors in the various fields of learning and scientific research.

Admission to Postgraduate Programs

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