About Deanship of Postgraduate Studies

Vision of Deanship:

Achieving excellence and leadership in postgraduate studies programs, both qualitative and quantitative. 


Postgraduate studies contribute to the development of a distinguished educational and research environment, graduating competent Saudi youth that can meet the needs of development and prosperity of the Kingdom in accordance with international standards. 


- Raising the number of postgraduate programs at the University with a focus on choosing majors and programs needed by the labor market. 
- Motivating and attracting distinguished students to enroll in postgraduate programs.
- Modernizing teaching and researching endeavors in the various fields of learning and scientific research.
- Developing the administrative and academic work at the Deanship to contribute towards helping graduate students to innovate and excel. 
- Finding research partnerships nationally and internationally for graduate students to develop their scientific research skills at the University to contribute to raising Jazan University's research ranking.
- Developing scientific competencies and pushing them towards creativity and innovation, and encouraging and directing scientific research to address the issues facing Saudi society. 
- Achieving cooperation with universities and research centers of excellence in postgraduate programs.