The Forum of Teaching Assistants and Lecturers at the College of Engineering (Ithra Scholarships and Scholarships)

24 Rajab 1442

The College of Engineering, represented by the Vice Deanship for Development, held a meeting for teaching assistants and lecturers entitled “Enriching Scholarships and Scholarships”. The meeting witnessed a distinguished interaction by teaching assistants and lecturers, in the presence of members of the College Council and the General Supervisor of the Scholarships Department.

The meeting concluded with a number of recommendations, which are summarized as follows:

- Communicate with the academic department and the college on an ongoing basis to inform them of any achievement in order to be highlighted and to discuss challenges in a timely manner so that they can be easily resolved.
- Referring to belonging to Jazan University as a first affiliation in all published scientific papers and presentations or participation during the scholarship phase.
- Submit all requests for the mission (extension, promotion, termination, etc.) at least 3 months before its due date.
- Commencement at Jazan University within the statutory period, not exceeding 30 days from the date of suspension of the exchange or the date of obtaining the degree.
- Starting the procedures for equivalence of scientific documents issued from outside the Kingdom as soon as they have obtained all grades as a prerequisite for applying for promotion (lecturer) or appointment (assistant professor).
- Continuing to hold a forum for teaching assistants and lecturers on an annual basis.

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