Math department is one of Addayer University College; it was established along with the College in 14433/32. The department started with 3 teaching staff and 25 students, currently the department includes 270 students and 11 highly qualified staff members, 2 assistant professors, 4 lecturers, 2 teaching assistant and 3 are sent on scholarship for higher studies and the numbers are increasing.

.The department seeks to adopt standard methods in teaching and learning and teaching mathematics skills in addition, supporting students critical thinking

College Vision

Vision of the University

A regionally distinguished University with its educational output, innovative research, and community services.

Vision of the Department

Excellence in different fields of mathematics science to achieve competitiveness at the level of the Kingdom and the region through its research, teaching and community service.    Read More

College tasks

Department Goals

-Preparing scientifically qualified and highly skilled graduates.

-Providing the labor market with the needs of specialists in mathematics.

-The ability to support the teaching of mathematics at all levels of education.

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Electronic services

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