About the department

The Department of Public Law was established in accordance with the organizational structure of the establishment of the College of Sharia and Law in accordance with the noble directive No. 446 / August and the date of 21/1/ 1432 AH. The college grants a bachelor’s degree in law, where it offers courses related to branches of public law, including administrative law, constitutional law, criminal law, public international law and financial law.

College Vision

That the department becomes a distinguished legal edifice of knowledge and research that combines tradition and modernity, with a societal contribution, and a pioneer among the departments of law locally, regionally and globally.

College tasks

The department's strategic goals:
Proceeding from the main directions of the College of Sharia and Law at Jazan University and in order to achieve the vision and mission of the university and the college and in line with the standards and controls of the Education Evaluation Commission, and in line with the requirements of the National Finance Program 2020 and the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030. The Law Department of the College of Sharia and Law is committed to working to achieve the main directions of the university by Through the following objectives:

+ Building an administrative system with international standards.
+ Achieving academic intellectual excellence
+ Bring about economic and social impacts.

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