Useful Links for Students

Saudi Engineers Council (SCE)

  • The Council was established by Royal Decree No. 36/m issued on 26/9/1423, as per prime minister's decision no. 226 issued on 13/9/1423. It is a scientific vocational council that aims at developing the engineering profession and anything that will raise and enhance its level and those who work in it. Its tasks include putting bases and criteria for practicing and developing the profession including license terms, setting rules and tests required to abtain vocational degrees, preparing studies and researches, organizing courses, holding seminars and conferences related to the career, as well as providing technical advice as per its field of specialty according to the regulations set by the council's board members.

  • Link to the website (click here)

  • How to register as an engineer (click here)

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

  • ASME serves a wide-ranging engineering community through quality learning, the development of codes and standards, certifications, research, conferences and publications, government relations, and other forms of outreach.

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  • How to join ASME (click here)

Tamheer Program 

  • This service provides on-the-job training in particular to develop the graduates of Saudi and foreign universities, institutes and colleges’ skills, whether they are recent graduates or those who have previously worked; With the aim of training them in government agencies and distinguished companies in the private sector to provide them with the expertise and skills necessary to prepare them and prepare them to participate in the labor market.

  • How to register to Tamheer (click here)