About the Department

Department Goals 

  • Providing the industrial community, scientific research bodies, and engineering services agencies (governmental and private) in Jazan and Saudi Arabia with scientifically and technically qualified cadres according to the international standards in the field of mechanical engineering.
  • Achieve standards of academic accreditation in the mechanical engineering program and academic fields by providing technical and practical training to the graduates on par with international standards.
  • Provide the graduate with a suitable base of engineering knowledge that enables him to keep abreast of scientific and technical development and use modern and advanced methods in solving engineering problems.
  • Accomplish lifelong learning for continued professional development and career advancement by recognizing the ethical, societal, and economic implications of contributions of Mechanical Engineering graduates to society.

Department Mission

  • Impart quality education to meet the essential requirements of profession and society, and achieve excellence in teaching and learning.
  • Offer training to think creatively, attain the knowledge and develop professional skills.
  • Provide innovative platform for integration of research and education.
  • Practice ethical responsibility and accountability in professional civilities and community service.

Department Vision

  • Transfer of knowledge and achieve excellence in teaching and learning to meet the basic requirements of the profession and society and to practice ethical standards and community service at the international and local levels.