Department Committee

Graduation Projects Committee

Committee Tasks

  • Develops learning outcomes for the projects.
  • Evaluating the eligibility of the students as per the guidelines to undertake the graduation projects. 
  • Control the uniform distribution of graduation projects.
  • Monitors the progress of projects.
  • Assessment, evaluation and implement of the projects completed by the students as per the college’s project criteria.
  • Ensures the mechanism for uniform assessment and grading of all projects.
  • Liaisons with national and private industry sectors.
  • Motivates students to develops the professional and technical skills.
  • Monitoring the students summer training program.
  • Collects the student-industry feedbacks.
  • Evaluating the student performance.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Gaber El-Awadi                                  Coordinator
  • Dr. Yahya Rothan                                     Member and rapporteur
  • Dr. Hadi Madkhali                                    Member
  • Dr. Nabil Abdulla Attia                           Member
  • Dr. Amr Assie                                            Member
  • Dr. Faez Alkadi                                         Member