Department Committees

Scientific Committee

Committee Tasks

  • Preparing periodical studies about the needs of the market place in context of the program of the department.
  • To study and review the curricula and to develop it according to the market place need.
  • Continuous update of the educational policies in the department and studying them.
  • Putting plan necessary for activating the demanded educational policies and overcoming different education problems in the department.
  • Supervising the plan of the development and putting time schedule for its execution at the department level.
  • Arrangement between different academic departments of faculty to initiate post graduate programs for different departments.
  • Prepare and organize regulations of post-graduation after discussion with different academic departments and faculty.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Ali Alshahrani                                                     Coordinator
  • Dr. Ahmed Sayed Hassan                                     Member and rapporteur
  • Dr. Saeed Mousa                                                     Member
  • Dr. Abdulnaser Alshoaib                                       Member
  • Dr. Jabril Khamaj                                                     Member
  • Dr. Abdullateef Bashiri                                         Member
  • Dr. Yahya Fageehi                                                  Member