Department Committees

Quality and Academic Accreditation Committee

Committee Tasks

  • Spreading the quality culture in the department.
  • Supervising the strategic plan of the department and monitoring its execution.
  • Suggesting the developmental plans of the department.
  • Executing and pursuing the activities of the evaluation and the academic approvals in the department.
  • Suggesting the aim and outputs of the learning for the department program and also suggesting the ways or the means of achieving these aims and different style of evolution for measuring the outputs or achieving these aims.
  • Supervising the preparation of the files of the study curricula containing the following:
    • CV of the teaching staff members.
    • copy of the appreciation certificates and the rewards of distinguished teaching.
    • a description of the curriculum contents in Arabic and English according to the model for the national authorities of evaluation and approval.
    • a sample of the exam questions of the previous curriculum.
    • a sample of the answer papers of the students at the different levels.
  • Suggesting the necessary projects to achieve them at the department level.
  • Preparing the manual and guide of the department and also to introduce the pamphlets in the department and study plan.
  • Receiving the team of the different academic approval authorities from outside the university and quality committees from inside the university and those who visit the department from time to time.
  • Encouraging the department members to initiate suggesting the project and assisting them in activating these suggestions.
  • Supervising the self-evaluation process of different programs for the department and preparing the report of the self-study for the academic program.
  • Sharing with quality unit in the faculty in spreading the culture of the quality and academic approval.
  • Organizing and attending lectures and workshops and quality week for faculty.
  • Certifying the efforts and the results of the procedures of the academic approval in the department and submitting them to the department head.
  • Collecting the data and the information, in continuous way, about the requirement of the academic approval and the quality activities and applying them in the department.
  • Preparing the periodical reports about the levels of the performance in the department and the satisfaction of the beneficiary from every activity.
  • Making periodical meeting to discuss the requirements of the academic program approvals.
  • Preparing files of academic program description.
  • Performing other tasks assigned by the quality Vice Deanship related to the academic approval and the quality activities.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Haitham Hadidi                                                    Coordinator
  • Dr. Sami Naimi                                                            Member and rapporteur
  • Dr. Sofiene Mellouli                                                   Member
  • Dr. Ahmed Bagabir                                                    Member
  • Dr. Hassan Fageehi                                                   Member
  • Dr. Rajasekran mathal Saminathan                    Member
  • Dr. Mahmoud Hassan                                              Member
  • Dr. Ali Alnujaie                                                            Member