Department Committees

Programs, Laboratories and Procurement Committee

Committee Tasks

  • Providing the lab equipments and students services of the programs.
  • Providing the maintenance plans to the lab, equipments and the students services.
  • Presenting periodical report to the department head at the end of every academic year to perform the necessary repairs/amendments.
  • Proving the procedures of the safety and security of the lab and lesson halls and presenting a report about them to the department chair.
  • Spreading the awareness, preparing and distributing instructional pamphlets to the students for the procedures of the safety for the different risks at the start of the semesters.
  • Putting signs of the safety in a clear place in every lab and halls and the emergency telephones.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Sofiene Mellouli                                                              Coordinator
  • Dr. Mahmoud Hassan                                                          Member and rapporteur
  • Dr. Gaber El-Awadi                                                                Member
  • Dr. Ahmed Sayed Hassan                                                    Member
  • Dr. Rajasekran mathal Saminathan                                Member
  • Dr. Faez Alkadi                                                                       Member
  • Dr. Mohamed Mosallem                                                     Member
  • Dr. AbdulAziz Khan                                                               Member