Department Committees

Academic Advising Committee

Committee Tasks

  • Directing and instructing the students in the department concerning the subjects and the necessary skills and monitoring the weak students and instructing them academically and psychologically.
  • Receiving the student’s complaints concerning the curricula or the teaching staff members.
  • Studying the problems of the students and suggesting solutions to them.
  • Encouraging the students and supporting their activities and supervising their trips and organizing the competitions, seminars, general lectures and scientific meetings.
  • Suggesting the extra-curricular activities and executing them.
  • Presenting suggestions concerning development of the academic programs in the department.
  • Studying the legal breaches of the students and suggesting the punishments to them according to the applied systems.
  • Studying the re-correction of the exams in case of differences.
  • Ascertaining the effectiveness of the equipment’s of the educational process.
  • Coordination with the related sides concerning the cooperative training in the department.
  • Carrying out what the department council of the department head present to it.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Mofareeh Ghazwani                                                    Coordinator
  • Dr. Aymen Alneamy                                                           Member and rapporteur
  • Dr. Yahya Fageehi                                                               Member
  • Dr. Saeed Mousa                                                                Member
  • Dr. Hassan Fageehi                                                           Member
  • Dr. Sultan Althahban                                                        Member
  • Dr. Abdullateef Bashiri                                                     Member
  • Dr. Hassan Ghazwani                                                       Member
  • Dr. Faez Alkadi                                                                    Member
  • Dr. Yahya Rothan                                                               Member
  • Dr. Mohamed Tharwan                                                    Member
  • Dr. Ali Alnujaie                                                                    Member