EE Department Committees
Quality Committee
Coordinator: Dr. Houssem Ben Aribya


Dr. Ghazi bin Hamida

Dr. Sultan Hakami   

Dr. Hashem Naemi

Tasks & Responsibilities


1.  Spreading the quality culture within the department.

2.  Supervising the strategic plan of the department and monitoring its execution.

3.  Suggesting the development plans of the department.

4.  Executing and pursuing the activities of the evaluation and the academic approvals in the department.

5.  Suggesting the aim and outputs of the learning for the department program and suggesting the ways or the means of achieving these aims and different styles of evolution for measuring the outputs or achieving these aims.

6.  Supervising the preparation of the files of the study curricula containing the following:

* CV of the teaching staff members.

* Copy of the appreciation certificates and the rewards of distinguished teaching.

* A description of the curriculum contents according to the model for the national authorities of evaluation and approval.

* A sample of the exam questions of the previous curriculum.

* A sample of the answer papers of the students at different levels.

7.  Suggesting the necessary projects to achieve them at the department level.

8.  Preparing the manual and guidelines of the department and introducing the department and study plan.

9.  Receiving the team of the different academic approval authorities from outside the university and quality committees from inside the university and those who visit the department from time to time.

10.  Encouraging the department members to initiate suggesting the project and assisting them in activating these suggestions.

11.  Supervising the self-evaluation process of different programs for the department and preparing the report of the self-study for the academic programs.

12.  Sharing with the quality unit in the faculty in spreading the culture of quality and academic approval.

13.  Organizing and attending lectures and workshops for faculty.

14.  Certifying the efforts and the results of the procedures of the academic approval in the department and submitting them to the department chair.

15.  Collecting the data and the information, continuously, about the requirement of the academic approval and the quality activities and applying them to the department.

16.  Preparing the periodical reports about the levels of the performance in the department and the satisfaction of the beneficiary from every activity.

17.  Making periodical meetings to discuss the requirements of the academic program approvals.

18.  Preparing files of the academic program description.

19.  Performing other tasks assigned by the quality Vice Deanship related to the academic approval and the quality activities.


Student Advisory Committee


Dr. Ghareeb Moustafa


Dr. Sultan Hakami

Dr. Emad Hussien


Dr. Sabeur Masmoudi 

Dr. Salim Abid

Tasks & Responsibilities:


1.  Preparing the periodical reports about the levels of the performance in the department and the satisfaction of the beneficiary from every activity.

2.  Making periodical meetings to discuss the requirements of the academic program approvals.

3.  Preparing files of the academic program description.

4.  Performing other tasks assigned by the quality Vice Deanship related to the academic approval and the quality activities.


Scientific Committee
Coordinator: Prof. Atef Al Amri

Dr. Ehab Salem Salama,

Dr. Noureddine Ferchichi

  Prof. Fathi Ghodbane
Tasks & Responsibilities:


1.   Preparing periodical studies about the needs of the market place in the context of the program of the department.

2.  To study and review the curricula and to develop it according to the market place need.

3.  Continuous update of the educational policies in the department and studying them.

4.  Putting plan necessary for activating the demanded educational policies and overcoming different problems in the department.

5.  Supervising the plan of the development and putting the schedule for its execution at the department level.



Purchases and Laboratories Committee


Prof. Fathi Ghodbane


Mr. Rais Ahmad Sheikh, 

Mr. Mothana Al-Harbi, 

Dr. Idris Sumaili


 Eng. Sultan Saheli

Tasks & Responsibilities:


1.  Providing the lab equipment and students services of the programs.

2.  Providing the maintenance plans to the lab, equipment, and the student’s services.

3.  Presenting the periodical report to the department chair at the end of every academic year to perform the necessary repairs/amendments.

4.  Proving the procedures of the safety and security of the lab and lecture halls and presenting a report about them to the department chair.

5.  Spreading the awareness, preparing, and distributing instructional pamphlets to the students for the procedures of the safety for different risks.

6.  Putting signs of safety in a definite place in every lab and halls and the emergency telephones.


Timetable Committee


Dr. Sabeur Masmoudi


Dr. Noureddine Ferchichi

Dr. Ghareeb Moustafa

Dr. Idris Sumaili

Tasks & Responsibilities:


1.  Preparing the class timetable at the beginning of each semester.

2.  Collecting the following information:

* Teaching load distribution (Individual faculty’s teaching load in the department).

* Sharing the teaching load from other departments.

* Assigning of classrooms and tutorial rooms.

* Assigning of resources (classrooms, labs, tutorial rooms which are shared by other departments).

* Department-specific requirements (e.g. Lectures to be arranged only in the morning slot, tea break and lunch break times, etc.).

3.  If the modification is required, preparing the desired templates for the timetables and getting them approved by the Chairman.

4.  Preparing the class timetables in the predefined format.

5.  Referring to the class timetables, preparing the timetables of individual faculty and labs.

6.  Mailing all the timetables of the individual faculty and labs to all the staff, giving them three days to correct any discrepancies.

7.  Preparing the final class, individual and laboratory timetables and get them approved by the chairman of the department.

8.  The Theory and lab timetables should be submitted one signed copy to the concerned department chairman and the concerned faculty member/lab in charge.


Students Senior projects Committee


Dr. Ehab Salem Salama,


Dr. Mohammed Mustafa 


  Dr. Emad Hussien
Tasks & Responsibilities:


1.  Develops learning outcomes for the projects.

2. Evaluating the eligibility of the students as per the guidelines to undertake the graduation projects.

3.  Control the uniform distribution of graduation projects.

4.  Monitors the progress of projects.

5  Assessment, evaluation, and implement the projects completed by the students as per the college’s project criteria.

6.  Ensures the mechanism for regular assessment and grading of all projects.

7.  Liaisons with national and private industry sectors.

8.  Motivates students to develop professional and technical skills.

9.  Monitoring the students’ summer training program.

10.  Collects the student-industry feedbacks.

11.  Evaluating student performance.



Social  Activities Committee


Dr. Slim Abid


Mr. Rais Ahmad Sheikh

Eng. Sultan Saheli

  Mr. Rami Hamzi, 
Tasks & Responsibilities:


1.  To receive the projects executed by the department and its members and the results of the contributions of these projects to the community service and the development plans.

2.  To encourage and develop the spirit of entrepreneurship in the students to maximize the return of the community service role through seminars and leaflets in coordination with the relevant committees in the department.

3.  To deepen the communication between the college and the bodies in charge of the development plans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

4.  To set compelling programs to enhance the relationship between the department and the local society and to pursue its implementation.

 Undergraduates Syllabus Committee


Dr. Noureddine Ferchichi


Prof. Atef Al Amri

Dr. Houssem Ben Aribya

Mohammed Mustafa

Tasks & Responsibilities:


1.  To give suggestions for modification of the study plan to achieve the quality requirements.

2.  Study and compare among our study plan with those in the other local, regional, and international universities to indicate the points of weakness and strength.

3.  Modify the syllabus content of the academic courses to improve their outcomes that conform to the program outcomes.

4.  Estimate the facilities and the financial and human resources needed to achieve the program outcomes.

5.  Make the connection between the packages of academic programs suggested from the department and reinforce their coincidence among them, such as the connection between Bachelor, Diploma, MS.C, and Ph.D. programs to achieve the requirements of the job market and, educational and learning quality.


Summer Training  Committee


Dr. Ahmed Said Oshaba


Dr. Ghazi bin Hamida

-Dr. Shahir Hussain

Eng. Hidayat Mirza

Tasks & Responsibilities:


1.    Develop a training mechanism in terms of preparation and registration method and evaluation methodology.

2.    Prepare a list of training providers (public and private sectors) and training opportunities available, in coordination with the training coordinator at the College.

3.    Distribution of students of the department between summer training places available.

4.    Review and audit training report forms (weekly and final) after 8 weeks of the training period.

5.    Send the names of students who successfully completed the training requirements to the Department head.

6.    To honor, at the end of the academic year, the manufacturers and companies cooperated in the training.

Scholarships and Higher Studies Committee


Dr. Sami Atibi


Dr. Shahir Hussain,

Mr. Hidayath Mirza,

 Dr. Ahmed Osaiba 

Tasks & Responsibilities:



1.  Studying the reports presented by the various candidates doing masters or a Ph.D. abroad.

2.  Studying different applicants presented for recruitment.

3.  Revising and developing the plans for higher studies in the department.

4.  Looking after the entrance exams of the students for higher studies in the department and giving recommendations to the department council.

5.  Presenting the academic instructions to the students regarding higher studies.

6.  Studying the applications submitted by students concerning additional chances and re-registration etc. and submitting them to the department council.

7.  Studying the suggestions of the master and doctorate dissertations and forwarding them to the department council.

8.  Distribution of the study curricula to the teaching staff member in the department.

9.  Suggesting the students’ number, which may be accepted for the coming years.

10.  Putting a system to write, confirm, and spreading the scientific research and sharing in the conferences at the department level.

11.  Establishing and updating the research database and the projects accomplished by the teaching staff members in the department.

12.  Urging the teaching staff members to assist in writing scientific articles in international scientific magazines.

13.  Announcing the research list to the teaching staff members on the electronic website of the department and updating it annually.

14.  Evaluating the current program of the higher studies of the department periodically.

15.  Carrying out the tasks assigned by the committee of the higher studies and the scientific research in the faculty.

16.  Registering the current research projects and the executed ones in the department and announcing their names on the electronic website of the department and its benefit to the society.

§  Putting the list of the supervisors of the teaching staff members in the department for dissertations.

§  Performing annual evaluation to the projects of the scientific research in the department and giving recommendations to the committee of the higher studies and the scientific research in the faculty.