Brief History

Program History:

Electrical Engineering Department:

In  the  view  of  satisfying  the  essential  needs  of  the  industries  and  the  government  of Kingdom  of  Saudi  Arabia,  the Bachelor  of  Science in Electrical  Engineering Program (EEP) is introduced at the College of Engineering in Jazan University. In  the  face  of  the  progressive  developments,  the  Electrical  Engineering  Department has maintained a strong commitment to provide high quality programs and services by conscientiously   evaluating   priorities   and   efficiencies   of   educational   functions. Continuous  revisions  in  curriculum  have  been  updated  based  on  the  requirements  of industries  with  respect  to  the  recent  technological  developments.  The revisions and modifications with reference to the standards of International Universities provided an opportunity to self-evaluate effectiveness of educational procedures and practices. The redesigned program consists of sequential and progressive courses.  These courses provide the students with the fundamental knowledge of mathematical and scientific subjects with the basics of Electrical Engineering. The curriculum consists of a broad range  of  subjects  that  form  the  foundation  of  the  electrical  engineering  discipline including the importance of engineering design.