About the Department

Department Vision:

The department seeks to improve the quality of the graduate, to advance his efficiency and professional potential, and to bring him to the national standards of quality.


Providing a flexible educational climate that helps the student’s creativity in the various sports fields to ensure a graduate who is able to compete in the scientific field and meet the needs of the labor market with an emphasis on excellence in scientific research and the provision of scientific and applied advice and service to contribute to community service.


• Addressing problems related to preparing a physical education teacher and teaching plans in schools at all levels and the obstacles related to them.
• Disclosure of distinguished and talented athletes through observation and holding sports competitions.
• Guiding students to extract the potential from their abilities and energies and direct them for the good of man and society.
• Elimination of negative legacies towards physical education, the improvement of the physical and the functional aspect, and the development of sports awareness among students, workers in the field of physical education and others interested in this field through exhibitions, educational lectures, seminars, workshops, and holding sports courses in various disciplines.
• Contribute to solving the problems that the internal community faces (within the university walls)
• Establishing student sports activities related to physical fitness to contribute to the students ’belonging to their university and society.
* Re-use and formulate the heritage of sports culture in creating a physically and socially conscious, educated generation through the Sports for All project.