About the Management

About the Scientific Council

The Scientific Council of Jazan University was established in 1427 AH to take over the supervision of the scientific affairs of the faculty members and the affairs of research, studies and scientific publishing.

The Scientific Council is composed as follows:

  1.  Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research -Chairman.
  2. One faculty member for each college or institute with the rank of associate professor at least, and their appointment is issued by a decision of the University Council based on a nomination from the College or Institute Council and the approval of the University President.

By a decision of the University Council, another number of working members may be added to the membership of the Council.

Tasks of the Scientific Council:

1. Recommending the appointment of faculty members at the university.

2. Deciding on academic promotions for university faculty members in accordance with the rules approved by the Higher Education Council.

3. Encouraging scientific research, authorship, translation and human resources for this purpose.

  • Setting rules to encourage scientific research rules.
  • A proposal to establish scientific research centers.
  • Coordination between scientific research centers and developing a general plan for them.
  • Organizing the collaboration with research centers outside the university.  
  • Determining the incentive and appreciative rewards for scientific works, their arbitration, and ordering their disbursement
  • Research, literature and scientific messages that need to be published.
  • Recommending the issuance of scientific periodicals.  
  • Recommending the establishment of scientific societies and museums and coordinating between them.
  • Approval of what is referred to it in textbooks and university theses that need to be reviewed.

4. Evaluation of academic certificates submitted by Saudi faculty members.

5. Consider what is referred to it by the University Council.


Scientific Council Meetings:

The Scientific Council meets at the invitation of its president at least once a month, and the president may call the council to a meeting if the need arises, or if a third of the members submit a request to it, or at the request of the university president, who has the right to request the inclusion of any issue he deems to be on the agenda. He may chair the council if he attends it, and its meetings that are not valid unless attended by at least two-thirds of its members.