Head of Department Message

The Department of Business Administration welcomes the students of the department, wishing them success and a bright future.
The department wishes to serve the students and help them to achieve excellence and find answers to all questions and inquiries. 
We ask God to perpetuate the blessing of security and safety for us and to bless us with knowledge that benefits us and which is in
accordance with our religious beliefs. The department seeks, through its plans, to prepare and equip the students to work in all
administrative positions in official and private institutions inside and outside the Kingdom, in addition to developing their skills and
ability to set up small private projects and manage them efficiently. They can also continue their postgraduate studies in foreign
universities. The department constantly updates its study plan in line with the requirements of the local and Saudi market and in
line with scientific and technological developments, especially with regard to the use of computers and the English language in the
field of teaching.