JCC Office Management Program to be recognized locally and nationally for its academic excellence and competent graduates, and service that deliver social and economic impact to the region and beyond


JCC Office Management program has to achieve academic excellence and prepare graduates to become regional and national leaders in business, industry, health, education, and government.
JCC Office Management program students are teach to serve the community by addressing its problems and by supporting its social and economic development.


  • To prepare Office Management students to think independently for current trends and job market within the program in alignment with the University culture through transparency and communication.
  • Encourage the use of methods and technologies in teaching and learning
  • Establish a forum within the program to promote teaching and learning while focussing on student retention and success, as well as faculty’s professional development
  • Enhance a culture of independent thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship among students and faculty.
  • To Identify potential career opportunities of our students through internship programs and on education training and to engage industry and potential employers in curriculum development

Professional Occupation:

Organizations - Secretary, Administrative Assistant , Receptionist, Human Resource Department
Banks - Executive Officer,Customer Care Officer,Personal Assistant to Manager, Loan Section/ Teller
Public Serving Departments - Administrative Assistant, Executive at Check-In Counter, Clerk , Executive Officer

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