About the department

The Sharia Department was established at the College of Sharia and Law, Jazan University, in the year (1432 AH), and it began offering a bachelor’s program in Sharia to students. In the academic year 1436/1437, the department began offering the program to female students. The program is available to Saudi students and scholarship students of various nationalities. The student studies in the program 159 hours over the four years of study, and after passing it is awarded a bachelor’s degree in the specialty (Sharia). He benefits from the department’s outputs. The three authorities of the state, where the department contributes to supporting the organizational, judicial and executive authorities, with the cadres necessary to build the country, as well as: civil society institutions, and the civil sector.

For the Sharia Department to be the pioneer in Sharia education locally and globally.

1- Preparing specialists in forensic sciences who are distinguished by their scientific knowledge, while taking care of developing jurisprudential skills.
2- Qualifying scientific competencies with the ability to link theoretical knowledge with its scientific applications and emerging issues.
3- Providing competencies characterized by the ability to research and forensic scientific production.
4- Establishing the method of moderation, spreading legal awareness among members of society, and immunizing it from intellectual deviations.

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