About the department

The establishment of the College of Sharia and Law is linked to the history of its nucleus, represented by the Law Department and the Sharia Department. The public and private law departments were established in the Hijri year 1432 with the generous directive No. 446/Ab, dated 21/1/1432, and in the first semester of the academic year 1433/32 AH, the study began at the College of Sharia and Law, but by merging the public and private law departments into one department called the Law Department. And in the year 1440 AH, the honorable directive No. 446/AB was activated (which initially stipulated dividing the Law Department at the College of Sharia and Law into two parts: the Department of Public Law and the Department of Private Law). A graduate of the College of Sharia and Law in the field of law should study the courses of its two departments of law, public law and private law. The student studies in the law specialization of the College of Sharia and Law - (136) one hundred and thirty-six academic hours distributed over (4) four years (eight semesters). ) The duration of each semester is fifteen weeks - general courses as university requirements and legal courses as college requirements and specialization requirements that include courses from the Public Law Department (such as administrative law, public international law, criminal law,...) and courses from the private law department (such as civil law, commercial law, pleading law,...).
The study in the specialization of law depends on the theoretical and practical aspects through study lectures, courses, seminars and seminars, in addition to practical training in the moot courtroom of the college, and field training by visiting various courts and attending sessions, as well as other bodies related to the study of law.
The law program - currently - is limited to the student section only, and besides the national students, students of external and internal scholarships of various nationalities study in it.

College Vision

That the Private Law Department become a distinct legal edifice of knowledge and research, combining tradition and modernity, with a societal contribution, and a pioneer among law departments locally and globally.

Private Law Department Message:
Achieving academic excellence, preparing qualified graduates to work in the Public Prosecution, law, consultancy and other legal work, by building knowledge, scientific and research skills, and continuous training, while serving the community by spreading legal knowledge.

College tasks

1- Building a common culture for the department through transparency and communication within the hierarchy.
2- Benefiting from the development of information technology infrastructure, especially in the field of electronic management, digital libraries and e-learning.
3- Obtaining program accreditation for the law program at the College of Sharia and Law
4- Raising the performance level of registered students and requiring greater capabilities and preparations from students applying for admission to the law program.
5- Using world-class methods and techniques in teaching the department's courses.
6- Encouraging participation in international studies and partnerships, as well as international legal research projects.
7- Introducing master's and doctoral programs in the field of private law.
8- Involving the governmental and private sectors of the state with legal, legal, security and judicial specializations and their expected beneficiaries in developing the school curricula.




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