About the Department

Vision of Department

1- Graduation of female teachers specialized in the educational field to serve the child and meet his various needs.

2- Spreading cultural awareness about the kindergarten philosophy and the importance of the stage and its goals.

3- The department’s vision is achieved by providing students with the academic and professional knowledge and skills necessary for the making of professionals through well-studied and developed programs to prepare kindergarten teachers and benefit from global developments in this field in cooperation with the concerned authorities locally, regionally and internationally, through three axes: –

– The educational axis:-

It aims to provide the student with the academic foundations and the cognitive and professional skills related to the fundamentals, curricula, programs and methods of child education, and various teaching and learning technologies to upgrade the skills, abilities, knowledge and trends to qualify them to work in the kindergarten field.

– The psychological axis: –
The teacher is responsible for providing the student with academic knowledge related to psychological and mental characteristics to prepare programs compatible with these characteristics and how to detect early the psychosocial disorders and various disabilities, dealing with people with special needs, and modifying aspects of behavior related to the child in kindergarten and methods of developing the child’s abilities.

– The cultural axis: –
The teacher is in charge of providing the student with general and specialized culture and developing her cognitive and performance skills in the cultural, artistic, health and technological fields, which later helps her to perform her tasks in kindergarten through the Department of Basic Sciences.


The Department of Kindergarten – Jazan University – graduates distinguished teachers to work with children in the kindergarten stage to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare the children in education, psychology, physical and health. It would guarantee excellence in all current and future fields through programs aimed at providing them with the foundations of knowledge and skills according to international standards in the specializations with full awareness of the problems of society, the environment and ethics. The mission of the faculty extends to increasing the capabilities of others specialized in kindergarten teaching, through training courses and workshops to keep pace with developments in the field of kindergarten, as the department contributes to enriching educational sciences by participating in conferences and competitions through scientific research carried out by students with members of the faculty.

Providing students with educational and academic knowledge in addition to field visits to qualify them to fulfill their role in the kindergarten field

Developing the spirit of creativity and innovation among female students in making purposeful educational aids that serve the methodological aspects and exploit environmental materials

Work to link academic work and the field of specialization with the requirements of the labor market

The constant endeavor to develop the department’s work by keeping pace with the technological development and seeing everything new in the field of specialization.

Documenting the relationship between the department and the different kindergartens and following up on field visits


1. Preparing graduates with scientific knowledge and competencies to serve the field of early years education

2. Encouraging students to engage in discussion, dialogue and critical thinking

3. Holding training and educational courses to spread cultural awareness in the field of childhood education

4. Empowering students with the ability to assume responsibility and play the role assigned to them.

5. Encouraging and training students to practice manual labor and manufacture tools and train them on environmental conservation.

6. Create a productive unit, so that the kindergarten department inside the college is an outlet for serving the local community and kindergartens in the region

7. Working on developing teaching methods and strategies and developing new methods

8. Emphasizing on the role of office hours and spreading the spirit of cooperation between students and professors.