About the Department

Department Vision

The department shall be a pioneer in the College of Education and the University, with local and international recognition for its academic excellence, the impact of its research, and its services that are appreciated and recognized in the region, the country, and the world.


Achieving academic excellence, technically preparing graduates of the College of Education to keep pace with modern teaching and learning methods to become effective in the field of education, community service, and knowledge enrichment through scientific practices, pioneering initiatives, and original research that keeps pace with the needs of the region, the country, and the world.


1- Building a common culture for the department through transparency and communication within the department’s hierarchy and to be involved in the college’s decisions and academic majors.

2- Continuing to build an innovative information technology infrastructure, especially in the field of electronic administration, digital libraries and e-education.

3- Raising the level of students’ performance.

4- Ensuring the use of effective modern methods and techniques in education.

5- Creating an environment for education that is concerned with students’ success and assimilation, as well as the career development of faculty members.

6- Promote the culture of independent thinking and creativity among students and faculty members.

7- Encouraging cooperation between faculty members and entering into local and international joint studies and collaborations, as well as local and international research projects.

8- Introducing a comprehensive system to evaluate and reward faculty members.

9- Creating new programs that meet the needs of society and the labor market.

10- Engaging different sectors and their potential beneficiaries in the development of education.