About the interior design program


The Department of Interior Design relies on an advanced educational system in the field of interior design sciences, using clear strategies and modern programs to prepare qualified cadres for the local, regional and international labor market in line with the culture and needs of society in the academic and design fields.

The program also aims to qualify graduates to provide the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior in all aspects of interior design and also aims to establish the rules of research, development and innovation in accordance with the highest international standards.

Academic degrees awarded by the department: Bachelor's

Duration of study: five years, equivalent to ten semesters

Study plan components: The study plan consists of 160 units of study

-15 hours as a university requirement

-32 credit hours as a college requirement

- 113 hours required department









Program Goals

1- Preparing highly qualified students in all technical aspects of interior design.

2- Providing community services with various stakeholders in the community in the form of consultations and educational programs.

3- Creating opportunities for participation “in the real world” through learning projects.

4- Employing a higher level of design philosophy, specialized in critical thinking and decision-making.

5- Enhancing effective communication and collective cooperation at the level of faculty members and students.

6- Promoting a culture of design research among students and faculty members, which helps in developing knowledge.

7- Providing graduates with a commitment to provide the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior in all aspects of interior designs.


College Vision


Orientation towards achieving academic success for students and graduates of the department, based on the latest educational application in the field of interior design sciences and local community sciences, with the preparation directed for the academic initiative at the international and international levels.

College tasks


The mission of the program is to graduate highly qualified female designers in the fields of interior design sciences through educational systems and international scientific research foundations, in order to serve the community and the country.