The department of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was established in 2012 under Faculty of Nursing. The department offered a Bachelor degree in Emergency Medical Services. The EMS department was shifted to Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences in 2017. The EMS program was started with following reasons:
•    To improve the efficiency of EMS care by counseling the individuals and communities to adopt optimal EMS planning.
•    To use the most recent methods of communications and training to interlink the EMS Specialists/Paramedics with the designing of health programs for the community to promote the quality of health care.
•    To carry out research works related to the EMS problems and injuries in the local area in order to promote the common health level for individuals. 
•    To meet the national needs for qualified national competent EMS Specialists/Paramedics and to reduce the shortage of professional EMS Specialists/Paramedics at the different health care settings and to reduce the cost of international recruitment 
•    To reduce the dependence on international EMS Specialists/Paramedics and to have qualified national EMS Specialists/Paramedics who are at a better position to understand patient Scio-cultural needs.

We are proud to be a part of this great endeavor and determined to accomplish the stated reasons for which the department was established.


Seeks to gain national and international reputation in Emergency Medical Services with an aim to prepare competent and innovative leaders in their professional practice, education activities and administration.

The EMS program aims to prepare students with sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical skills to function as a professional EMS Specialists/Paramedics in a variety of practice settings for people who need emergency care and to meet the current and future health needs of society.