The Department Head's Message:
Dear Visitor, Welcome to the website of the Computer Department. The Community College was established in 1418 AH and admission to the Computer Department began in 1419 AH. The department currently offers diploma degrees in two majors:
• Computer Programming and Operation
• Systems Analysis and Design.
The duration of study in these programs is three years. These programs are designed to prepare graduates for the job market and also qualify them to continue their university studies through a bridging system. On the level of quality and accreditation, the department actively contributed to the College obtaining international institutional accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education (COE). In line with the Kingdom's vision 2030, the department is always working on developing its programs and searching for new programs. It keeps pace with the requirements of the labor market and the needs of society according to an ambitious vision and a solid message that leads to the graduation of technical cadres qualified in accordance with international standards. The department includes a number of faculty members with professional and academic experience in the field of computer science and information technology, including (information systems, computer networks, software engineering, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, databases, computer engineering, information technology, virtual reality, computer applications, and human computer interaction). The department seeks to develop its human cadres and provide an academic environment suitable for creativity and excellence for students and faculty members. We are also pleased to respond to your inquiries through the means of communication available on the site.


Excellence and leadership in the field of education and training in the field of computer and information technology.


Providing highly qualified academic and professional programs in the field of computer science and information technology to prepare scientifically and professionally qualified cadres to meet the needs of the labor market and community service.


  1. Meet the labor market need of qualified technical and professional cadres according to international standards.
  2. Provide students with basic knowledge and applied skills in the field of computer and information technology.
  3. Development of self-learning and collaborative skills.
  4. Providing students with the necessary skills to communicate and interact with others effectively and work in a team spirit.
  5. Update educational programs to keep abreast of developments.
  6. Continuous development of the capabilities and skills of faculty members.
  7. Developing the educational environment in the college.
  8. Promote community partnership


•  To prepare students to operate in various technological fields.

•  To conduct scientific research and development in IT fields.

•  To provide the graduates with capabilities of professionalism, and take the social and ethical responsibility towards the community.

•  To maximize students’ career potential in the job market.

Career Opportunities:

Systems Analyst and Designer , Application Programmer , Computer Network Operator , Database Designer , Technical Support , Data Center Supervisor , Information Technology Manager , Web Application Developer

برامج القسم

Computer Programming and Operations

System Analysis and Design