Innovation Department


  • Promote innovation in the university community.
  • Encouraging university students to present their ideas and turn them into innovations of economic value.        
  • Spreading the culture of innovation among faculty members and students and ensuring its access to the community.
  • Facilitate the application, transfer and exploitation of innovative ideas.  
  • Contribute to the transfer of promising innovations from the university to the industry.
  • Motivating innovators and investing in their innovations and talents in order to serve society.
  • Marketing innovations and distinguished research ideas.
  • Strengthening the relationship between the university, investors and innovators.          
  • Providing job opportunities for innovators by marketing their innovations.
  • Support projects that start with an innovative idea.  
  • Creating an entrepreneurial spirit towards discovery and innovation among Jazan University students.  
  • Work within the university’s innovation system and excel in serving innovators.


* Innovation Unit Services

  • Receive and examine innovative projects and register patents.
  • Attracting resources to support promising projects, training and raising awareness of the culture of innovation.
  • Leading business marketing.
  • Organizing exhibitions inside the university and supervising the participation of students inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Organizing various events that contribute to increasing the awareness about patents (workshops - training courses - bulletins).


University innovation system

His Excellency the President’s Decision No. 38392/1/34 dated 07/17/1434 AH was issued to establish the University’s Innovation, Knowledge, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Unit emanating from the University Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs to serve as an incubator for innovators and to provide them with an environment conducive to innovation and knowledge creativity, where innovation is the basic building block for diversifying sources of income of the communities The unit will therefore be a catalyst for the formation of a collaborative community between faculty and students, interdependently connected to the development of innovative products and ideas based on knowledge.
The unit has an integrated system to support innovations at the university, including the following:


* Innovation Club

The unit’s programs will be supported by the establishment of the Innovation Club on an area of ​​more than 250 square meters. Innovative in nature and obtaining local and international patents. The club will also provide courses that enhance the skill set of students with the aim of developing their talents and ideas in this field. The Innovation Club will provide an integrated environment that enables university students in cooperation with their professors to develop their innovative ideas. It will also allow university students to cooperate with colleges in Access to university laboratories, equipment and services.


The innovation and technology transfer application team

The Innovation Application and Technology Transfer team licenses patents and contributes to advancing the commercial development of new technologies. The team will undertake the following tasks:

  • Obtaining patents and guaranteeing the intellectual property of the university's innovators.
  • Ensuring the effective transfer of innovations and technologies that develop at Jazan University to the largest segment of beneficiaries to develop the knowledge-based economy in the Kingdom.
  • Supporting the development of new and innovative business models by adopting international best practices that lead to companies in the Kingdom and the world adopting the new technologies produced by the university.
  • To work for Jazan University to be a pioneer in the field of knowledge economy by transforming ideas and innovations that were launched from the university into products and introducing them to the local and global market by spreading the promotion of a culture of knowledge economy among students and faculty members at the university and working to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for this.