About the Center and Unit

About the Center and the Institute



That the Center for Alumni and Employment Relations at Jazan University becomes a distinguished and pioneering center at the national level and is renowned for providing programs that contribute towards developing the skills of University students and building channels of communication between the University and its graduates.


Establishing the alumni’s affiliation and enhancing their participation by opening channels of communication with the University to contribute to the development of their knowledge and skills and the enhancement of the University’s programs in line with the requirements of the labor market in support of our institution’s mission, vision and goals.

Objectives of the center

• The Center is concerned with initiatives, plans, programs and joint projects with training and employment agencies and contribute towards reducing the unemployment rate in order to achieve the Kingdom's Vision 2030.
• Ensuring that the graduates qualifying with the university's educational programs are compatible with the graduate specifications that are compatible with the National Qualifications Framework.
• Supporting graduates by building a permanent interactive relationship in the fields of employment, training and career guidance.
• Create awareness among graduates about the importance of their role in the development of plans for educational curricula and targeted training.
• Supporting the building of bridges of academic and educational communication inside and outside the university.
• Building effective partnerships with various community institutions at the local and regional levels.

Center tasks   

• Preparing the necessary programs and action plans to correlate education outcomes in line with the National Qualifications Framework and in support of achieving the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the University's strategic plan. 
• Supporting colleges and institutes at the University and providing them with the necessary information
• Knowing the trends and plans of the business sectors in employment and future professions.
• Setting the governing policies to link the various scientific departments at the university with the business sector institutions.
• Assisting colleges and institutes in updating and developing their educational programs in line with the needs of the labor market.
• Marketing the unique specializations that distinguish the university in the labor market in the Kingdom.
• Participation in career fairs of the Ministry of Education and conferences related to employment.
• Preparing the annual career day to connect companies and employers with students.
• Supporting research contributions and studies at the university level and analyzing the results of studies and research on the needs of the labor market and graduates to develop scientific departments and educational curricula in accordance with the requirements of the business sector.
• Concluding local and international partnerships with universities and specialized scientific bodies to enhance students' applied skills.

 Activities and Work areas of the center

The Center focuses on students in the final semesters with the aim of finding jobs for them, qualifying them with the necessary training courses and reducing the unemployment rate to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Among the activities that the initiative will seek to activate are the following:
• Cooperation with various sectors in the field of employment,
• Training and qualifying graduates for professional work,
• Developing and improving the competencies of university graduates to suit the needs of the current and future labor market,
• Building a database for university graduates,
• Connecting the University with its graduates to exchange ideas according to best practices.