|  About the Vice Presidency

The University Vice Presidency was established by the Higher Education Council Resolution No. 8/39/1426 dated 10/25/1426 AH. The Vice Presidency is linked to a number of deanships and departments, namely: 
-Deanship of Human Resources
-General Administration of Administrative and Financial Affairs
-General Administration of Projects 
-General Administration for Operation, Maintenance and Cleanliness 
-University Property Management and  wages 
-Traffic and Transportation Administration
-Office of External Contact Liaison 
-Administration of Resources and Sustainable Development

Vice Rectorates Vision

Achieving quality standards and keep abreast of global developments to play the fundamental roles while ensuring the sustainability of excellence in the implementation of the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to it.

Vice Rectorates Tasks

The University Vice Presidency seeks to achieve its vision, mission and goals in accordance with a set of basic values, including:

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Vice Presidency Services


The Vice President of the University, Prof. Dr. Muhammad bin Ali Ma’ashi, reviewed the progress of in-person classes in the Colleges Complex in Abu Arish. He was received by the Dean of the Faculty of Sharia, Prof. Dr. Muhammad bin Nasser bin Yahya

25 Muharram 1443