About the Administration

About the Administration

Considering the need of the University to compile all the research work and details of the large number of faculty members, the University needs to issue a scientific journal in the name of Jazan University Journal, to be a platform for publishing scientific research for faculty members. Based on University Council Resolution No. (12) in its fourth meeting of the academic year 1429 AH / 1430 AH, held on 5/7/1430 AH, and No. (9) in its first meeting for the academic year 1430 AH / 1431 AH held on 26/11/1430 AH, which are based on Articles (41-42) of the unified regulations for scientific research in universities, and on the decisions of the Scientific Council No. (1) in its third meeting for the academic year 1429 AH / 1430 AH held on 06/23/1430 AH and No. (5) in its first meeting is for the academic year 1430 AH / 1431 AH held on 11/11/1430 AH, and on the recommendation of the Committee on Appointment, Promotions and Sabbatical No. (1) In its fifth meeting on 13/2/1430 AH, which stipulated among its paragraphs the following:-
Jazan University Journal is published bi-annually in two parts, one for humanities and the other for applied sciences.
The journal allows researchers from inside and outside the university (in both Arabic or English) the opportunity to publish their original scientific and innovative research that has not been previously published, and all materials submitted for publication are subject to scientific arbitration by a selection of specialized arbitrators.

Management Tasks

Providing distinguished academic scientific publishing the appropriate platform and which would achieve the aspirations of the University.

Management Objectives

- Publishing original and innovative scientific research.
- Encourage interest in preserving Islamic heritage and humanities.
- Follow up on the happenings in scientific conferences, symposia, etc.
- Highlight the efforts of researchers through their publications and research endeavors.
- Compiling the writings of distinguished researchers in different disciplines