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What is risk management at Jazan University:
Definitions, mission, vision, goals and values ​​that we proceed from in university risk management: Risk management at the university is
defined as the department responsible for predicting, studying and evaluating risks and proposing plans to deal with them and prevent them or reduce the damage.
And that is through scientific, collective and collaborative steps with all departments and stakeholders inside and outside the University to identify and evaluate strategic and operational risks and the extent of the likelihood of their occurrence and the expected impact, according to a series of procedures to facilitate the management of this process. They rely in this work on a selection of Senior management and specialists, to present to the university a register of risks and opportunities, including all threats, their description, a policy to prevent them, and to identify the departments and employees entrusted with dealing with them.
Establishment: The Risk Management Administration was established by the decision of His Excellency the President of the University No. 107182 on 01/11/1439 AH and is organizationally linked to the University Vice Presidency for Development and Entrepreneurship

Department Vision

Tackle all threats and utilize all opportunities to improve the performance


Department Tasks
  •  Applying best practices for risk management in universities.
  • Risk Governance at Jazan University.
  • Develop standards and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating risks and ways to deal with them.
  • Full documentation of opportunities.

Employee Services

Administration News

The Risk Department visited the authorities and met with the risk coordinators to explain the management’s action plan to build the risk register and make the correct assessments of the risks

09 Safar 1443

The Deanship of Academic Development visited the Risk Management Department and held a meeting with the Quality and Academic Accreditation Team to discuss the recommendations. Evidence supporting the implementation of these recommendations was

09 Safar 1443

Proceeding from the role of risk management in predicting, studying and evaluating risks and proposing plans to deal with them in a participatory manner with all departments, as was done in the first phase of discussions and data collection. This

09 Safar 1443

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09 Safar 1443

أنشطة وفعاليات الإدارة

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29 Muharram 1442