Manager Message :
The Procurement Department is one of the executive departments that has the honour of securing all the needs of the various sections of the University with supplies and equipment in accordance with the rules, regulations, legal and regulating decisions of government procurement and in accordance with the plans, objectives and policies set by the stakeholders.
The administration also works to effectively contribute to the success of the various educational, research, training, service, social and sports fields of the university by achieving the highest degree of quality, speed and accuracy in meeting the needs so that all the activities can be carried out. All this is done with the efforts of a specialized team that has the right skills to carry out their duties with perfection.
We do the work entrusted to us with faith and are pleased to facilitate the educational process at the University.

Department Vision

Leadership, speed and efficiency in creating an appropriate learning environment.


We are committed to providing services that fulfil the needs and requirements of all sections of the University in accordance with the rules and regulations


Department Tasks

- Securing the needs and requirements according to the actual need.

- Implementation of administrative work in accordance with the provisions of the government bids system and its executive regulations.

- Applying the principle of transparency in all stages of direct insurance procedures and government bids.

- Building permanent and strategic relationships with the relevant authorities in accordance with the government tender system. Read More


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