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In the implementation of the Honorable Council of Ministers' Resolution No. 235 of 08/20/1425 AH, which stipulates the establishment of an internal audit unit in every government agency whose head is linked to the first official in each agency. Later on, as per the Council of Ministers' Resolution No. 129 of 4/6/1428 AH to approve the unified regulation of internal audit units in government agencies and institutions, the University established an Internal Audit department.


Department Vision

A control department that is concerned with the integrity of internal control systems, enjoys high professionalism and independence and contributes to improving performance and ensuring the effectiveness of administrative and financial operations.

Department Tasks

The Internal Audit Department seeks to enhance the principle of transparency and integrity among all university employees, contribute to the development of performance and ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative and financial systems and processes through the optimal investment of available resources and their use for the purpose assigned to them.


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