Graduation Project - Bachelor of Computer Science

2022-2023 First Sem

No. Project Title Abstract
1 Emotion Detection on Arabic Tweets using Sentiment Analysis

The automatic detection of emotions using textual information in the wide social media applications has gain a significant attention in the last years for different purposes including their interaction interfaces, creation of contents, advertising campaigns, etc. However, most emotion detection systems are focused on the English rather than Arabic and a significant improvement is achieved using NLP and Sentiment Analysis techniques. In this research, the Twitter has been selected as a source of data and the aim is to develop an application capable to classify the Arabic text of tweets into the six major emotion classes: Love, Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear and Surprise using either the direct or indirect words which is a challenge task in the Arabic Language particularly. Initially, an investigation of the latest techniques/ algorithms that shows a prominent result on the English content will be tested on the Arabic tweets dataset for investigation purposes. Based on time availability, a new methodology that improve the initial result can be proposed.

2 Low Saudi Market (LSM)

Business and commerce are moving rapidly towards technology, because of its flexibility, effectiveness, and compatibility. Technology has affected the way business and management work, and it is difficult to manage several businesses and their relationship manually or even using some office applications, due to the reason for the presence of several users distributed in different regions. When using web-based systems, it is easy to manage multiple users and increase business processes (buying and selling products or services). Moreover, the goal of this project is to create a web-based system that helps make business processes fast and easy, and to offer various products from local and global markets with best prices . This project presents the importance of web-based systems in the modern world and provides a mechanism and successful solutions in the conduct of business operations, compare prices for products of similar type and specifications in international markets. Thus, our project " Low Saudi Market (LSM)" provides a complete sales system for merchants and shops and retail shoppers to order the products offered in the global market and compare prices for products of similar type and specifications in the global market and local.

3 Online Kindergarten System

The need for online learning has been incredibly important in the last decade, and young children must have all possible ways to be educated, not only by enrolling them in the regular kindergarten, which requires going and physically attending the kindergarten, it is also possible to teach and train young children without going, and only by using modern educational methods that depend on access to the Internet, although in general, parents have negative attitudes toward the ideas and benefits of online learning and prefer traditional learning in early childhood settings, and they might resist and reject online learning for their children, so if we want to design an online system for the educating young children, this system will have to provide features that would make them change their mind about it. A system that provides them with services that make them feel more involved in their children's education, and more informed about the progress of their children, and their educational status. It is important to provide them with many educational classes for various skills that will help their children develop their educational ability and prepare them more for advanced educational stages, and give them the ability to track and observe the learning process and provide feedback to the teachers and trainers. In fact, not only the children’s parents would benefit from such a system, the teachers will also have the opportunity to practice their teaching and training career from their home and without going to kindergartens, which would help them to widely spread their knowledge, and practice their passion in a more convenient way for them.

4 Electronic Library System

The electronic library system enables users to obtain open digital data from anywhere in the world via online access. The electronic library system is a system that maintains information related to the books in the library, their authors, library members to whom the books have been issued, library staff and all of them. This is very difficult to organize manually. Maintaining all this information manually is a very complicated task. Due to the advancement of technology, organizing an online library has become very simple. Online library management is designed to computerize and automate the processes that are performed on information about members, issues of books, returns and all other operations. Library computing helps in many cases of its maintenance. Reduces management workload as most of the manual work done is reduced. Our project makes the electronic library secure for information. is a very important element of the internet age libraries. The system allows multimedia sources to be accessed by the users of the library and was able to eliminate the problems of unavailability of library resources, inadequate space, physical bounding and restricted access that characterized the traditional library system.

5 An Online Clearance System for Graduating Students

The project Online clearance system will help ease the queuing system in the university’s clearance process. Online clearance system will build an effective information management that is very convenient to use for colleges since it is online and can be accessed from anywhere. It is aimed at developing a computer software system that replaces the manual method of clearance for graduating students and that also help students to carry out their clearance without spending a lot of costs in transport and having to look for lecturers and departments. The designed software will serve as a more reliable and effective means of undertaking students clearance, remove all forms of delay and stress as well as enable you to understand the procedure involved, as well as how to do your clearance online. One of the most significant shortcomings in accomplishing early clearance in colleges is the delay that is encountered by most institutions which increases the cost of litigation in both time and expenses. Hence the new system designed will aid the institution clearance records after finishing your final year in the institution and thereby facilitate a timely clearance for graduation.

6 Celiac Association Clinic Application
(Doctor and Admin model)

The online clinic system is an interactive system for the clinic, doctors, and patients. It is a very important requirement for the clinic to manage doctors and patients. The patient can search for the doctors that they need and also take appointments. This project aims to develop a system for the Celiac Association Clinic. This application consists of two modules: a user (doctor) module and admin module. Via the application, the user will be able to find and book appointments with doctors, and the doctor will be able to see their patients, and the admin will be able to manage doctors, and patients.

7 Talent Show Portal

Nowadays many people have talents and want to show the rest of humans that they can do something in real life with their talent, so a solution came out which is Talent Show. A talent show is an event in which participants perform the arts of singing, dancing, lip-syncing, acting, martial arts, playing an instrument, poetry, comedy, or other activities to showcase skills. Many talent shows are performances rather than contests, but some are actual contests. In the instance of a contest, participants may be motivated to perform for a reward, trophy, or prize of some kind. For example, a high school might not have many students with any interest in performing in front of the student body for the sole purpose of performing alone and may offer different prizes as an incentive for these students to participate in the contest. However, Talent Show Requires a lot of money and time to transfer so Our Solution is to create A website that is used to show everyone who has a talent through upload a picture or video and writing a description about his talent then users can evaluate and write feedback about talents. In addition, can get a suitable job based on his talent


Automatic Student Locker Reservation System (ARSLS)

The idea is based on a system that allows the student to display the available lockers inside the university campus, and the system displays his location using the academic number. The locker is in the building so that the student can reserve it automatically by entering and from location using the academic number.

9 Review on Single Sign-On: Challenges and Solutions

Currently, the trend of internet usage is growing, Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication and securing method that provides method to users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and multiple-websites by using just one set of credentials. In other hand, SSO is a tool for companies and organizations to ensure the secure access to the websites or applications by a valid username and password. Users must be authenticated when they desire to access to this application, the different server may be used for accessing this application as well; in this case, The username and password are not the same that is one of the problem of using different server. Then, single sign-on is used to solve this problem. In this work, we discuss the SSO concepts, Challenges, and the solution methods of authorized access to the applications and websites by using SSO algorithms and comparing several SSO protocols and methods such as tokens key which contain identifying bits of user information; PKI-based, and the OAuth 2.0 protocol for SSO.

10 Community Service Center Web-Based System

This project is a Online WEP Application that provides assistance and knowledge services to targeted groups in society (such as people with special needs, people suffering from blood diseases, people with certain types of allergies...etc). Through this APP, it's possible to facilitate access to information for the target groups, as well as the possibility of announcing the services and benefits provided by the service providers through this platform. This APP can be considered as a guide for communication, communication and information for the benefit of the concerned parties.

11 Online Application System for Admission to Postgraduate Studies

Globalization has created a new dimension in the field of online application systems for admission postgraduates. Students from all over the world are applying to different countries to study at any university they want. An admission process can be centralized or run by departments/institutes individually. Many developed universities have stepped forward with automated online admission systems from the pen and paper method. This project will focus on the development of an online system for the postgraduate admission of a department/institute of a university. The online system will enable tracking all the details of an applicant from the start of the online application to the end of admission which can be used for all reporting purposes. ‘Waterfall Process Model’ has been used to develop the whole software. Online Application System for Admission to Postgraduate Studies is developed using PHP, HTML, CSS, and MYSQL. The project contains an admin and applicants side from which an applicant can register online for Postgraduate admission. The admin plays an essential role in the management of this system.

12 Holiday Booking App

Often people get confused while planning for a tour. First, they hardly know places where they can have a good time. Further, there comes money constraint. The project ( Holiday Booking) aims to develop a new online application to manage the travel agency’s daily work and computerize the holiday places information; travel agencies or government tourism can use this online system to show information about tourist places and determine the nature of each site through a set of multimedia files such as photos and videos. This system solves all problems of the client just by asking some questions. And it provides the best options that fit into users’ requirements along with the place details and facilities. It saves their money and time in finding and consulting a travel agency where they charge more. The new web application has ASP.NET web pages front-end; for the server side, back-end C# programming language will be used, and all system information will be stored on Microsoft SQL Server.

13 Coffee meet

Coffee Meets is an app to connect you with new people at Jazan University. All you have to do is select the person you want to communicate with from the other coffee shop. Members can also locate the person you want to communicate with, and you can upload photos or as much information as they want. The way Coffee Meet works is simple: the student logs in through his ID from the university, then chooses the coffee shop he wants, and then chooses the person in the other coffee shop to get to know him and determines the distance between them. This application is a solution to the problem of boredom when a particular lecture ends and the next lecture is after an hour or more in order to make the time not boring. Using the Android language for the design of interfaces and programming, as well as we used the SQL as a database to store information and data as well as chat.

14 All-in-One for Food Delivery

This project is a website that combines a collection of the most popular delivery applications for restaurant delivery ( such as jahez and mrsool ) in one place . Through this idea, we are keen to enhance the improvement of the food ordering experience for customers while clarifying and comparing prices for orders by relying on applications specialized in delivering restaurant orders (such as jahez and mrsool) Which leads to choosing the most suitable for the customer in terms of price and quality of service. The customer can choose one or more items in his order and add it to the shopping cart with the possibility of deleting and modifying the contents of the shopping cart so that the customer will then receive the order confirmation details with the best price.

15 Bug Code Detection with an Ensemble of Convolutional Neural Networks

Developers and security analysts have been using static analysis for a long time to analyze programs for faults and vulnerabilities. A static analysis tool is typically run on the source code of a given program, identifying portions of code that require further inspection by a human analyst. In this paper, we propose a new approach for identifying bugs in Java programs by applying an Ensemble of Convolutional Neural Networks models that detects related bugs based on bug information and code features. We will assess free source datasets. To validate its effectiveness, the proposed model will be trained using Java method blocks from a publicly available dataset, and the results will be evaluated using a variety of performance metrics.

16 Academic Advising System The Academic Advising System will be an online system that ensures the provision of advice and praise to students in the fullest and timely manner, thus helping students to solve their academic problems and ensure academic excellence. The new Academic Advising system will improve the communication between students and the academic supervisors (Advisor) in University, Supervisors can help students and advise them by reviewing the student's consultation request and write a recommendation for each consultation. Students can register on the system website, and after that, he/she can login to system be entering login name and password , after login student can write his counseling request which includes information about the student's needs or the problem description. System administrator is involved to manage the academic supervisors account information , so he can (add , edit and delete ) the adviser accounts, also the administrator can view the students registered consultation.
17 Dental College Medical Records Management System

Dental students face a problem, which is the lack of enough cases to cover and train in, according tothe educational plan for dental students. There are 26 hours Lab per term in which students cover specific cases, but there is a problem which is the lack of cases due to the lack of volunteer patients. Inthis document, we provide a web-based application called Dental Management System which aims to save the time of all Jazan University teaching hospital members and to provide a way to manage andcontrol Electronic Medical Patient Record . There are services provided to solve the problem of communication between students and volunteer patients, we used a scheduling process to coordinatethe patient’s condition and the student’s level based on a student’s available time The provided services includes follow-up of patients' files, Schedule their appointments, dealing students' work ondifferent cases, allow them to enter their available time into the system for scheduling patients' appointments according to that, enable doctors to evaluate the student work, as well enable the patientto cancel any one of his appointments, possibility of communication between doctors and receptionist .The system will be developed by PHP, HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, language and create a database with SQL for information entry and store & retrieve.

18 Online Reservation For A Journey Using Car Transportation

The daily transportation for students and staff is one of the biggest daily problems, especially for those who do not own a car, and even for those who own a car, the financial cost of fuel is an obstacle for low-income people, as is the case for students. On the other hand, we find that there are many people who commute daily by car and individually, hence the idea of our proposed project (Online Reservation For A Journey Using Car Transportation ) so as to build an interactive electronic system that enables those who travel daily to find people heading to the same destination as the university, the first place of work, the proposed system will also reduce traffic congestion on the roads. The new system will be online website which allow the users to register and create their accounts, we have two types of users (Car owner and transportation seeker) , car owner can create his daily route and his departure and return times , his car specification and the cost for transportation. Transportation seeker can search for car on his daily route and view if there are some cars suitable for him /her, seeker can make transportation order with the selected car owner. Car owner can view and accept or reject the transportation seeker request.

19 Online Waste Food Management System The project (Online Waste Food Management System) aim to create a new Online web-site to manage the leftovers food and to help in distributing food to the needy people or NGOs (Non-governmental organization) , In order to achieve the purpose of the new system , food donors allowed to register in the system website and create the user profile account , profile includes the person contact information, the registered food donors can login to system using his login-name and password and he can create new food donor record , the food record will be saved into the system database and can be managed by the system administrator . There is also another type of user which is the food distributing volunteers, volunteers can register on the system , volunteers profile must be approved by the system administrator . The system enables volunteers to view records of leftovers food, food donor location and donor contact information, volunteer can pick up the leftovers food from donor's location to be distributed to the needy people or associations. The system admin is responsible to managing all the system objects online, admin must approve the volunteers accounts. The proposed system will help us to preserve God's grace and distribute it to the needy before it is damaged or disposed of in the garbage.
20 Online Job Portal The online job portal system is a platform between job seeker and job provider(company). The purpose of this project is to automate the existing manual system by the help of computer software. The intended audience of this project are the people who face problem of searching new jobs and those who face the problem of searching service providers for any particular service. This project provides to the unemployed who are seeking for a job placement. jobseeker can browse the vacancies which advertised by job provider so they can login into the system and to upload their information in the form of a CV also apply for suitable job and also they can get information whether they are selected or not for the job which they applied. The job provider can browse and explore all application submitted by jobseeker and contact them.
21 Brain Tumor Detection using Stacked handcrafted and deep learning A brain tumor develops as a result of abnormal cell development. It is one of the leading causes of death in adults worldwide. Millions of deaths can be avoided if brain tumors are detected early. Early detection of brain tumors with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) may improve patient survival. The tumor is more clearly visible in MRI, which aids in the therapy process. This research tries to detect tumors at an early stage. In this paper, we propose a new approach using hybrid stacked handcrafted and deep learning models to detect a tumor through brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) images. The proposed model will be trained using thousands of brain tumors from a publicly available dataset, and the results will be evaluated using a number of performance metrics.
22 Restaurant Reservation Management System To utilize the technology to make life easy and the current trend is also going for an online solution. We aim in this project is to design and implement an online restaurant reservation system as the third party between customers and restaurant. The proposed system allows customers to reserve tables and order food before go, so that will optimize food ordering and table reservation rather than wasting the time for waiting. Graphical interfaces are really effective and efficient for both customers, restaurant employees and owners, this system is very efficient because they can display their requirements in the reporting module. Object-oriented methods were used in the development. For analysis and design, standardized resource modeling was used. PHP, html, Javascript, etc. are used to develop the site. mySQLwas used to create database files. Lanka hosting space was used to host the website. Any web browser like Edge, Chrome, Firefox can be used to access the website in any environment like windows or Linux