Graduation Project - Bachelor of Computer Science

2022-2023 Third Sem

No. Project Title Abstract
1 Reassured Application For School Buses(ETMAIN)

The transportation of school students is a crucial and sensitive issue that requires attention from society. while technology can simplify the daily transportation of students to and from school, ensuring their safety is the top priority, especially with the increasing number of incidents where students are forgotten on school buses, leading to potentially fatal outcomes. To address this issue, we have developed a mobile application called Reassured Application for School Buses (ETMAIN), which allows parents to track their children and prevent incidents of forgotten students.

2 Smart House Plant Irrigation System

This project is concerned with housing plants, watering them and remote care. This project consists of an irrigation device and an application that recognizes the plant and reports how to take care of it using artificial intelligence and provides the ability to monitor the soil moisture level of the plant via the Internet, and the possibility of watering it remotely directly when needed, or scheduling irrigation so that the device waters automatically without interference.

3 Salsabeel Application

The Salsabeel application is designed to cater to the needs of individuals requiring a continuous supply of portable and non-portable water. Within this app, customers can order their own Wayt, and lessors can also leasing own Wayt. Additionally, the app is equipped with an Arduino device to determine the water level in the tank. This technology helps to avoid situations where the water runs out unexpectedly. Through this project, we aim to highlight the essential features of the app and how they can help individuals meet their water needs efficiently.

4 Arduino-Based Children Drowning Prevention System with Heartbeat Sensors

This project aims to develop an Arduino-based system that can prevent drowning children incidents in swimming pools, particularly for children. The system will utilize a combination of a heartbeat sensor and proximity sensors to monitor the child's vital signs and detect if the child is approaching the pool area. The system will then send a notification to the parent or guardian's smartphone through the Pushbullet notification service via an ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, alerting them to potential dangers.

5 Facial Recognition Exam

Online university exams are conducted to find out the extent of the university students academic achievement in certain subjects and during all their academic semesters, and the university relies on them to set grades that suit the evaluation of each student until the student reaches the graduation stage. The process of managing online exam sessions is considered one of the most difficult and arduous tasks, as it includes arranging students seats and verifying the students identity before taking the exam. Also, exam authorization is a big challenge. The idea is to develop a modern mechanism for managing exam session authorization by adding facial recognition techniques to handle the students exam authorization.

6 Blockchain–based Student Academic Profile

The use of blockchain technology may become a better option in some cases if it is not necessary based on the predictions of the near future for this technology, here we used this technology and built it from scratch by operating it to carry a database (blockchain) that may become larger with the passage of time for university students according to the correct official documents available Actually with the university administration, with student data included in each semester in addition to personal information, starting with the creation of smart contracts called smart contracts each of which carries the functions necessary to build the blocks followed by a special code for each block and therefore for each student, this informs us of the importance of protecting this type From the data ,which is the basic function of this technology, and in addition to that the strength of this technology lies in the fact that the data stored in the blocks of the Blockchain cannot be easily modified or deleted, as it is highly secured; This reduces the possibility of forgery, as well as decentralization, as technology-based systems are considered decentralized, that is, dependent on the transfer of intellectual property, which also saves time and cost in verifying and validating data, and additional costs associated with intermediaries can be saved, thanks to the security and transparency that it provides, and the importance. The benefit of containing it through this technology to facilitate access, which ultimately leads us to create a database based on (Blockchain) for the academic profile of students.

7 Web-Based College Research Management System

The web-based College Research Management System is a comprehensive solution for organizing and tracking various research activities such as research publications, citations, research projects, research assistance awards, research seminars, and research workshops. It is specifically designed for the College of Computer Science and Information Technology at Jazan University in KSA. The system has the capability to rank faculty members in each department and across the college based on their research performance during each session. The web-based college research management system automates and simplifies research-related tasks such as proposal submissions, project management, collaboration, compliance tracking, and reporting. It provides easy access to researchers, administrators, and other stakeholders from anywhere, anytime, through their web browsers. By implementing a web-based system, the college can enhance its operational efficiency, reduce administrative workload, improve data accuracy, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


Keyword extraction from SHEIN App reviews: A comparison of three tools

Online shopping platforms like SHEIN rely on user reviews to improve their products and services. However, analyzing and extracting meaningful insights from the large volume of user-generated content can be challenging. Traditional keyword extraction methods have limitations in capturing the context and nuance of user reviews. As such, there is a need for a more effective and efficient method for extracting valuable information from user reviews. This project aims to compare three keyword extraction tools, KeyBert, Rake and Yake, in extracting keywords from SHEIN app reviews. This will also determine which one provides the most accurate and relevant keywords for SHEIN app reviews. By addressing this problem, the project aims to provide SHEIN with a solution that will enable them to improve the application.

9 ATTAA for volunteering

This website presents the experience of former volunteers in several fields, where each volunteer presents his experience and explains pros and cons with the possibility of attaching pictures that support his opinion and space for discussion with others with a a clear evaluation of the volunteer opportunity. Young people face difficulty in knowing the most appropriate volunteer opportunities that provide sufficient experiences in the field of interest of the young man, as many agencies exploit volunteers to employ them in many fields and benefit from them without providing experiences or certificates.


Comprehensive Security Assessment of Nafath Authentication: Analyzing Push Notification Vulnerabilities and Mitigation Strategies

The Nafath platform is a national authentication platform developed by the National Information Center (NIC) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to manage citizens' and residents' digital identities and provide a secure and reliable way for individuals to access government and online financial services. Given the sensitive nature of the data and services involved, ensuring that the security of the Nafath platform is robust and up-to-date is crucial. This study aims to investigate and evaluate the security of the Nafath platform to identify potential vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for improving its security posture.


Educational site for children It helps in recognizing sounds by entering a picture of the thing to be recognized, such as (animal sounds, letters, etc...). The site includes a set of short challenges that enable the child to learn with enjoyment, It also contains short tests so that the child can choose the sound that he wants to identify and play it, and he will have several options to choose the correct image for the sound that is heard.

12 Wed-based Distributed PHR System Using Blockchain

Personal Health Records (PHR) is a service that is managed at the present time by a central authority so that patients lose complete control over their health records, which allows the controller of these records to access all patient data. In addition, these patients’ records are vulnerable to theft, tampering and other accidents. Blockchain technology is one of the modern technologies that provides the ability to create a distributed network with the ability to record all the operations that take place on it relatively and the possibility of distortion of the data involved in this network. In this project, blockchain technology will be used to protect and manage patients' personal records through an Internet-based application. This project will discuss managing access to data and permissions and granting authority to control this data.

13 Hiba Application

Hiba is an application created to provide support for the elderly, by making donations for the items needed by the elderly (whether they are wheelchairs, crutches, pressure gauge headphones, glucose meters...etc.), which secures them benefit, and contributes to alleviating the pain of others and minimizing the suffering of having such devices, especially since they must be available in every home. The "Hiba" application solves the various problems that stand in the way of obtaining such tools, stopping the difficulties that the patient is been exposed to, and the inability to secure the costs of these devices, and the urgent need for them, so the application worked to solve these problems. This application is characterized by displaying the donations made by the good owners, as a medical report is submitted proving the patient’s health condition to obtain the purpose, then after proving it, the piece is sent to his site immediately, also, whoever wants to obtain one of these devices can withdraw one piece per month This ensures that a large segment of people will benefit from this feature.


Multilayered Machine Learning Model to Identify Attacks in Short-Range Wireless Technologies for IoT

The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has brought about significant advancements in various fields but has also introduced new security challenges. Short-range wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, and NFC are commonly used in IoT devices but are vulnerable to various attacks. This research analyzes attacks and defense mechanisms in shortrange wireless technologies for IoT. The research reviews existing literature on security challenges in short-range wireless technologies and analyzes the effectiveness of current defense mechanisms. The research also surveys the defense mechanisms proposed to mitigate these attacks, including encryption, authentication, and access control. The analysis presented in this study covers a range of Denial of Service (DoS) attack detection methods, examining the strengths and weaknesses of existing machine learning approaches for DoS attack detection and exploring the associated challenges when detecting DoS attacks in IoT networks. In addition to that, an attack detection model with a combination of two machine learning algorithm is developed and analysed.

15 Smart HR Android Application for Part-time Job Opportunities

Smart Human Resources is an Android application designed for individuals seeking parttime jobs and organizations in need of temporary employees. The app allows users to create accounts, search for available jobs or candidates, and communicate with each other to discuss work details like payment and schedule. The application also features a contract generation function once both parties agree to the terms, and users can rate each other at the completion of the work.