What & Why Architectural Engineering

What is Architectural Engineering?

As the name reveals, Architectural Engineering is clearly connected to both Architecture and Engineering. Architectural Engineers are constructors and designers of the various structural, mechanical and electrical systems which provide safety, durability, comfort and functional performance for building occupants. To accomplish this, the Architectural Engineer must have a basic knowledge of architecture and an in-depth understanding of engineering design and construction.

Why Architectural Engineering

Choosing Architectural Engineering, as your major at Jazan University would be one of the best decisions one could make. The Jazan University five-year program will offer a classroom experience for Architectural Engineering students that will be highly student-centered, interactive, project-based, technically advanced, and communicative. Courses will combine theoretical content with practical and design studio experience. It is an exciting field that requires dedication, hard work, and learning an extensive knowledge base and will result in a fascinating career that allows the professional to work with clients to create innovative and beautiful built environments.

Architectural Engineering involves varying work environments that include professionals, clients, contractors, suppliers, engineers, etc. Work is usually completed within a collaborative design team that may include architects, structural and mechanical engineers, graphic or environmental designers, and other specialty consultants. A degree in Architectural Engineering offers numerous opportunities and job positions within the field both here in KSA and in the world.

Architectural Engineers vs. Architects 

Architects are usually the professionals who design the basic components and framework of a building including its aesthetics (beauty). They also try to ensure that the fundamental objectives of the building's owner or users are satisfied. Architectural engineers, on the other hand, are the professionals who are responsible for providing the detailed designs of the various building systems, which include structural, Mechanical (including HVAC and plumbing), electrical (including lighting) fire protection systems- using their knowledge and skills of building engineering science as well as physics and mathematics. 

Architectural Engineers vs. Other Engineers 

The most important difference between Architectural Engineering and other engineering disciplines (e.g. Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering), is the multi-disciplined approach to solving building engineering problems. This is because Architectural Engineers have some fundamental training and appreciation of architecture in addition to the ability of their parishioners to integrate building systems into the overall building design. Architectural Engineers are able to design building systems such as: 

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) 
  • Plumbing 
  • Fire Protection systems 
  • Electrical and lighting systems 
  • Vertical transportation systems 
  • Structural systems 
  • Acoustical Design 

Certain universities which offer Architectural Engineering degrees require their students to specialize (concentrate) on one of the systems. In other universities, students can obtain a generalized Architectural or Building Engineering degree.