gamil alamrani

كلية الآداب والعلوم الإنسانية
قسم اللغة الإنجليزية

I am an assistant professor of Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies.  I specialize in the new approaches to comparative literature and literary theory, examining the recent scopes of comparative literary studies with regards to decoloniality, imperialism, and globalization. I study the development of literary theory in areas of race, gender, and ethnicity, to examine the representations of power structure in contemporary world literature, film, and popular culture. I also apply my knowledge of literary theory in analyzing and understanding the theories of rhetoric and composition from the early traditional product-based prescribed methodology, to the recent disciplinary and rhetorical approaches

In 2011, I received my Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies from the University of Arkansas, on a Fulbright scholarship that shaped my perspective about the value of diversity and intercultural communication

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Gamil M. Alamrani 

Dept. of English,                College of Arts and Humanities,                  Jazan University            
                       Cell: 966508029700

Ph.D., Cultural Studies, University of Arkansas, Arkansas, 2011.   Specialization: World Literature, Literary Theory, Rhetoric and Composition

M.A., Cultural Studies, University of Arkansas, Arkansas, July 2007

Intensive Academic Writing Program, The State University of NY at Buffalo, New York, July-August 2005

B.A., English Literature and Linguistics, Taiz University, Taiz, Yemen, 2002


Counselor, to the JU Vice President of Academic Affairs, Jazan University, 2019-current

Head, English Dept. Faculty of Arts, Jazan University, 2016-2019

Director of Sc. Research and Community Service Unit, Faculty of Arts, Jazan University, 2014-present

Director of International Cooperation Unit, Faculty of Arts, Jazan University, 2015-2014

Director of Academics, Dept. of English, Jazan University, 2013-Present

Assist. Professor of English, Jazan Univ., 2013- Present

Post Doctorate Researcher and Lecturer, University of Arkansas, July 2011-2013

Associate for English Language Learners, Brown Chair in English Literacy Program, University of Arkansas, 2010-2013

Teaching Assistant, English Department, University of Arkansas, 2005-2011

Teaching Assistant, Taiz University, 2003-2005

Lecturer, National University, Int. Languages Center and Contز Languages Institute, 2002

Translator, English Department, Taiz University, Alduis Corp. 2002-2005


Academic Accreditation for Educational Programs and Institutions

Program Learning Assessment – Qualification and Exit Exams

Academic Strategic Planning for Educational Institutions- SWAT / KPI Analysis

Organizational Management for Educational Institutions

Academic Development and  Curriculum Planning

Educational Technology Integration



Alamrani, G. & Alhazami, A. (2022). Essential Learning Skills for First-Year College Students. Technical and Vocational Training Corporation. KSA. [in Arabic]

Alamrani, G. & Alhazami, A. (2019). Applications of Social Media in Education. Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf

States. [in Arabic]. Avaialbe at:

Alamrani, G. Trans: Life in School: An Introduction to Critical Pedagogy in the Foundations of Education. By Peter McLaren . In progress

Book Chapters

Alamrani, G. (2016). Jazan University Faculty and Student Attitudes towards Academic Integrity. In Learning across Borders (1st ed.). Ed: Seawright, L. & A. H.  Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Available at


Alamrani, G. (2014). Arab ESL Students at American Universities and Their Identity Formation Process. In Going Global: Transnational Perspectives on Globalization, Language, and Education (Unabridged edition) Ed. Seawright, L. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. doi:10.1177/1028315308329804 . Available at


Journal Articles

Alamrani, G. (2022). Seeking National Identity in Modern African Literature. The Scientific Journal of King Saud University, accepted

Alamrani, G. (2021). Modern Arab Women and Traditional Morality. Humanities and Management Sciences - Scientific Journal of King Faisal University, 22(2), 1–7. DOI:10.37575/h/art/0091

Alamrani, G. (2018). Representations of the “Other” in Colonial Discourse: A Comparative study of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and al-Tayyib Salih’s Season of Migration to the North. THEMATICS: An International Peer-Reviewed Journal of English Studies, 9(1), 18–27

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Alamrani, G. & Alzughaibi, A. (2015). Phonological and Morphological Transfer among Arab ESL Learners. International Journal of Language and Literature, 3(1), 91-98.


Research Fund from Technical and Vocational Training Corporation. KSA. 2021

Two Research Funds from the Bureau of Education for the Gulf States, 2019, 2020

Jazan University Academic Advising Research Project. 2016

Post Doctorate Research Grant, University of Arkansas, 2011

Brown Chair in English Literacy Fund 2010-2013

Graduate Assistantship, U. of Arkansas, 2007-2013

Fulbright Scholarship, 2005-2007


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